Our Second Son has Arrived Today

Today at 1406 hours Ezra was born. Je waa 20 inches long, coming in at 7.4lbs


I know I haven’t been posting much lately and I said that I would post more, but I have been busy. Since I last posted my son had graduated kindergarten. He had a little ceremony it was wonderful.

When they had all the kids get their little diplomas on the stage, the teacher would read off what each kid wanted to be when they grow up. Most of the girls wanted to be ballerinas. One wanted to be an ice cream lady. The boys, will like typical boys, they wanted to be cops and army men. Well, all except for my son. Who just simply said he wanted to be just like me when he grew up.

Needless to say, that was so sweet and made me feel so happy.

I also had to use a jackhammer for the first time in my life, after the city threaten to give me a fine for a concert ramp that was used to access my driveway. I wasn’t exactly happy to get that notice. Especially since, I specifically choose not to move into a area without a HOA, so I didn’t have to deal with other people threatening to give me a fine for not having my house look a certain way. Instead, it would seem the city has become my HOA.


I also was a bit upset because technically, this ramp wasn’t even on my property, and was there before I moved in. According to my neighbor, who also received such a notice from the city, the ramp had been there before he moved in. That was over 10 years ago. So it seemed a bit unfair to me.

However, after weighing my options I chose not to fight the city in this battle. In the end, it would probably require lots of time and just simply cost me more to get a lawyer and fight them on the whole thing. When it would take me far less time and only $60 on a jackhammer. Besides, the little kid in me really wanted opportunity to play with a jackhammer. Something my wife probably wouldn’t let me do otherwise. So I had my excuse.


Also, we’re getting a lot closer to my wife’s due date and still, there is much to do. It seems like the closer we get to being done some new things pop up and we realized we’re not quite done. Almost seems like the second time around a little more difficult.

The Doctor tells us that the babies healthy and coming along on time, though he’s a little bigger than Elijah was at this stage. Which you’ll get no argument from me. Luz’s belly seems far bigger then it was when she was pregnant with Elijah.

So that’s all the big things that have happened since my last post.

Yesterday we found out the sex of baby to be. We are having a another boy. So we have a spare… 

All kidding aside, it wonderful news. I know Luz wanted a girl, but is happy nonetheless. Me, I’m happy no matter the sex of the baby. I do know this means Luz will want to try again at some point, something you wont hear me disagree on.

Now, comes the hard part, choosing a name. Something we are finding is harder this time around.


Human history is riddled with a lot of disgusting and disturbing Acts. With Some of our worst moments having taken place when one group of humans had declared that others are not human, or are some kind of subset of humans. A kind of less developed human being.

Millions of Jews had been sent to the gas chamber. As they had been seen as Untermensch, a term that was used to describe inferior people.

Even slaves had been seen as not being human. Thus, it was fine to do what you wanted to with them.

However, it seems we have not learned from our past. Where millions of our most innocent have been killed because others have deemed them not to be human. Or are said to be a less-developed human.

At least not until they pass through the vagina, as if the vagina is a magical barrier that turns them into a Human Being.

I’m talking about the millions of babies that have been routed out of their mother’s in what is called an abortion. A word that fails to really describe the genocide that is taking place. After all if you described it as crushing skulls or sucking brains out, it could have an effect of humanizing the unborn baby’s. So, other words are used in their place called euphemisms.

Euphemisms are used in order to downplay the barbarism of this genocide. Where words such as abortion and terminating a pregnant are used. They won’t even call it a baby. Instead, they choose to call it a clump of cells, a parasite or a zygote in order to dehumanize the innocent life within.

Why do you think the same people who use such Euphemisms don’t ask pregnant women, at lest women who have are going to have their babies such things as, “Are you going to find out if your zigote will be a boy or girl?” instead choosing to use the word “baby.” Never using the words zigote, blastocysts, even calling it parasite or clump of calls.

Chances are you have never heard anyone refer to an unborn child that way, unless there are talking about killing the baby. Then they use such words. Why because its easier to justify ripping the baby out of the womb if you no longer think of it as a human.

Showing that it is only a human when its wanted, and when it’s not wanted they disconnect it in their minds from humanity. Justifying it by dehumanizing the life and down playing what is done to extinguish that life.

It’s discussing how people feel that it’s ok to take a human life because it’s an inconvenience for them. No one has the right to snuff out the most innocent of us. A person right not to be inconvenienced does not trump the right for that individual human being to live.

To use a common pro-baby killer Euphemism, It is sad to think that the embryo of an eagle is seen as more valuable then that of a human, where terminating the eagle embryo will result in a heavy fine and or prison time. But a human embryo can’t get that same protection.

With this said, we on the side of saving lives must put forth plans and programs that, while they don’t incentivize people to pop out babies for some kind of reword or hand out, we do need to come up with ideas to give mothers reasons to keep the children, while setting up programs to better take care of the children who are given up. And to adopt more children, giving them a home with a loving family.

Because in the fight to save lives, many have forgotten that if you win, there is still a life that needs to be taken care of once born. And the implications, such as truing over the unconstitutional ruling Raw v. Wade without a plan to care for the many children is careless to say the lest.

This is something that must be discussed now, not later. Not after its over turned, not right before it is. Now!

Listening to our baby with a stethoscope.

Today my aunt Deb loaned us a stethoscope in the hopes we can hear our baby’s heart. I wasn’t sure I would hear anything seeing the baby is so young inside the womb, but to my surprise it would appear we could hear the little tiny tyke safely inside.

When I first heard the sounds through the stethoscope, I was very skeptical of what I was hearing. Even though to me it sounds like I could hear something moving around and strange thumping sound that sounded like it was in what (obviously not a heart beat as it was only periodic) best be described as liquid.

So being a little bit skeptical. I put the stethoscope up to me to see if I heard any similar sounds. As I was thinking . Who knows knows it could be the stomach or the bladder or something eles. And I tried a few things to replicate that sound. And I just couldn’t get that same sound, no matter how hard I tried. I even asked my own mother to listen and she was just instantaneously convinced that is the baby that she was hearing.

So I think it’s safe to say that what I was hearing probably was the noise of our future child . unfortunately I was unable to hear the heartbeat, or anything that was really like it but, my wife tells me she was able to hear the little ones heart. And I think she probably did. As I think her hearing is probably better than my own.

So this is a pretty cool little thing, and I suspect as the baby gets older we will be able to hear a lot more sounds from it. And hopefully pretty soon we’ll eventually see and feel the baby moving. That is something I think both of us are really looking foreword to, putting our minds at ease when were able to see it moving and know that it’s okay. Because right now we don’t exactly have a portable ultrasound device that will allow us to check and make sure it’s still alive and okay in there. So for now I guess will be relying on a stethoscope for home use.

My wife’s taste for food is changing.

Well my wife’s taste for foods have changed. This is something I thought would come later on in the pregnancy. Now she hasn’t asked for anything silly yet like, a peanut butter and pickle sandwich. But she has started wanting flavor of foods in a different way. And she’s wanted to add spicy stuff to her food. Now, my wife doesn’t really like spicy foods. She used to sit there and tell me that she can’t even eat it because it’s too spicy and ask me to finish eating. Because I absolutely enjoy eating spicy foods.

So now I find her adding some of my jalapeno pepper sauce or habanero pepper sauce to different foods to (both sauces are similar to Tabasco sauce just a little hotter). This is not the norm for her but it is an interesting one. Which means I can start making spicy foods again. Ar at least until her taste buds change yet again.

I even find her making requests for me to go out and get her food store. After we have settled into bed the night. Mostly for fruit, particularly watermelon and strawberries.

I have a feeling this pregnancy is going to be a very interesting experience for both of us.