The Kids Room.

Elijah and the baby’s room is pretty much ready and decorated just how Luz wants it. She’s has a few blankets and kids clothes that she’s is going through in a tote and a few things she placed in the new crib that was given to us as a gift from her boss.

I got the new portable air conditioner, a 6,000 BTU chigo for $160 brand new (they’re usually about $250). And it is now Installed in their room. It’s really nice and it does does a great job in keeping the room cool. It was the hottest room in the house because the sun hits it just right heating it up and we had a choice. Make the whole house freezing cold to cool off that one room, or let that room be hot and keep the temperature just right throughout the house. So the problem has been solved.

Although, Elijah actually likes the room warmer than the rest of us are comfortable with.


Yesterday we found out the sex of baby to be. We are having a another boy. So we have a spare… 

All kidding aside, it wonderful news. I know Luz wanted a girl, but is happy nonetheless. Me, I’m happy no matter the sex of the baby. I do know this means Luz will want to try again at some point, something you wont hear me disagree on.

Now, comes the hard part, choosing a name. Something we are finding is harder this time around.

Just a quick update: My wife and I will be having another baby. We found out a a few weeks ago, I just did not have the time to announce it on my blog. With that said, next month, we may know the sex of the little one.

Listening to our baby with a stethoscope.

Today my aunt Deb loaned us a stethoscope in the hopes we can hear our baby’s heart. I wasn’t sure I would hear anything seeing the baby is so young inside the womb, but to my surprise it would appear we could hear the little tiny tyke safely inside.

When I first heard the sounds through the stethoscope, I was very skeptical of what I was hearing. Even though to me it sounds like I could hear something moving around and strange thumping sound that sounded like it was in what (obviously not a heart beat as it was only periodic) best be described as liquid.

So being a little bit skeptical. I put the stethoscope up to me to see if I heard any similar sounds. As I was thinking . Who knows knows it could be the stomach or the bladder or something eles. And I tried a few things to replicate that sound. And I just couldn’t get that same sound, no matter how hard I tried. I even asked my own mother to listen and she was just instantaneously convinced that is the baby that she was hearing.

So I think it’s safe to say that what I was hearing probably was the noise of our future child . unfortunately I was unable to hear the heartbeat, or anything that was really like it but, my wife tells me she was able to hear the little ones heart. And I think she probably did. As I think her hearing is probably better than my own.

So this is a pretty cool little thing, and I suspect as the baby gets older we will be able to hear a lot more sounds from it. And hopefully pretty soon we’ll eventually see and feel the baby moving. That is something I think both of us are really looking foreword to, putting our minds at ease when were able to see it moving and know that it’s okay. Because right now we don’t exactly have a portable ultrasound device that will allow us to check and make sure it’s still alive and okay in there. So for now I guess will be relying on a stethoscope for home use.

The first ultrasound photos of our little baby have arrived.

Today we had a ultrasound performed and now have the first look at my wife and I’s future child. Apparently the baby is not 10 weeks but about approximately 5 weeks. Which means the child was most likely conceived on my birthday. These the same both got a pretty big smile out of that.

It was so incredible, watching this video monitor and seemed the little tiny baby’s heart beating. We could not really make out much on the monitor. However, you can see it just flattering away. It was so amazing to see that our future little baby’s heart beating away as ours probably stood still for a moment in time as we watched holding each other’s hands.

I remember looking at my wife’s face is lit up with one heck of a smile. One that she’s giving me right now as I write this blog posting talking about it.

I think there was still a little bit of doubt that she could be pregnant at this time. I think we needed something more concrete, even after three pregnancy tests. In this ultrasound has acted as the ultimate confirmation of something so beautiful.

So now we have a new approximate date for the birth of our future child, which currently is now early December. Although we do not know if it is a boy or girl.

Update on wife’s pregnancy

My wife and I have confirmed my wife’s pregnancy through a Dr. and their version of the pregnancy test. We have yet to do a ultrasound. Mainly because I found out the hard way that my insurance company has decided they don’t want to pay out anything for my wife’s maternity needs. So our insurance company has screwed us. A Insurance company that I’m sending money to. Well, not anymore.

I looked into new insurance for us. Unfortunately, because she is pregnant. It will cost far more to have insurance now, than it did when she was not pregnant. However, we do have some options and we are currently looking into them at this point and I’m not concerned to much about it.

We have been discussing a lot of things about the baby to be. One thing we discussed was, do we want to know the sex of the baby? Personally, I do not want to know until the baby is born. My wife on the other hand wants to know so that she can buy the appropriate clothing for the baby, as well as other things. Which makes sense, but if she knew or anybody knew, it wouldn’t be long before I found out. Not because somebody would tell me, but because I’m very good at putting two and two together and finding out the truth behind something, even when I’m not trying. And this is something I can not help because, my mind works in such a way that is constantly putting things together. And I was a child spoke many Christmases because I was able to figure out what my guests were without ever seeing them. So we have decided together that it’s best to know the sex of the baby, once we get an ultrasound and can have it revealed to us.

We have also discussed the names for the baby. If it’s a boy. We have two options that we are looking at Daniel Elijah. The other being the reverse Elijah Daniel. We decided on this for a boy for a few reasons. One being both are biblical. Next being that both of our own dads are named Daniel, and this would be a great way to honor them. And my wife’s brother who had passed away, was also named Daniel. So we would be able to pay her brother respects in an honorable way. And the name Elijah is just a name that I always wanted to name my son if I ever had one. And both are biblical names.

If it is a girl. Well, we really don’t know what we would need her. We haven’t even really put out any names. Although we have both asked each other what if it’s a girl what would you name her. So far the only answer I’ve personally been able to come up with is naming her after my wife. Other than that we really don’t know. We may follow a more traditional Filipino meaning method. Which if I understand correctly the middle name will be the last name of her family.

We’ve even been to a babies-R-us store and looked around at things we will need and want to get a child. And strangely enough no matter how masculine I tried to be at the babies-R-us store. I found it hard as I was a looking at such cute little things saying things like Ahaaa… It’s so cute. Things you normally would never hear me say.

We have also discussed other core issues, such as how we want to raise her child in such a way that glorifies God. And things that we would expect from each other, raising our child together.

Other topics that we have discussed have been circumcision, which I am against. To what method of punishment we feel would be best for the child upbringing.

All in all, there’s a lot of things we have discussed and a lot more that we probably need to discuss. Things we haven’t even really thought about it.

I think though, most of all we are a little scared and nervous about our first child. Me perhaps a little more so on the raising of the child because I was an only child. I don’t really have experience when it comes to raising children. So I never cared for a younger brother or sister. So I don’t have that experience. And my father died before before I was two years old so I don’t have normal father figure to be an example to me. So I’m a little nervous and scared due to my inexperience.

My wife on the other hand, does have that experience, but I think she’s a little more worried about what she’s going to go through. Although I think she is also a little nervous and scared about raising the child to. As she’s has asked me now, more than once. If I think she will make a good mother. And I do think she will, she is very good with kids. I’ve seen her interact with them. And she has a very big heart. She’s kind, compassionate and caring. All the things that I find attractive about her. And it is these things that I find attractive about her that makes me think that she will be a terrific mother.