What’s next?

Before New York enacted legislation, which allows to kill their unwanted baby right up to the time they would deliver. We, those of us on the pro-life side, had been told that this kind of thing would never happen. Despite their claim, such a thing would not happen; it did.

I think we have become so use to how the Social justice Warrior (SJW)/Progressives/ feminist side operates we knew this was untrue and had seen it coming. It was just a matter of when. When we warned of this, we were criticized for it. Being told that we are just crazy, or conspiracy theorist. Despite this, once again when dealing with SJWs they push things down the slippery slope as far as they can. In this case, it was the ability to legally execute an unborn child.

Knowing that they always push it another step further, I highly doubt it will end here. Because before New York even attempted to legalize the killing of our most vulnerable among us, many forms and chat rooms were full of people, especially famous, wanting to have the ability to terminate the life of an already born child due to things like disabilities or the mother financial situations.

So the question is not of they will push for it, but when? How do we stop it when we not even prevent New York from legislating death? They use the same tactics. They get us use to this new abortion law. Then they start claiming that its part of a women right to choose, telling us it’s better for the child because it somehow more cruel to the child. Perhaps using the excuse of Earth’s limited resources and therefore, the child might suffering and starve.

They will do this while calling anyone who objects, a bigot or women hater. Someone who’s trying to oppress women, trying to them. Which to me is odd because it’s mostly women who fight against abortion, not men. Sure, male politician do enact legislation to stop abortion, but they’re doing it at the behalf of their female voters who they are representing. Nonetheless, they will do this as an attempt to demonize men wear at the same time trying to make it look like this is about women and not the child.

So, just wait, this is next. The question is, when?

New York legalizes abortion up to 9 months.

I normally don’t watch the news. Because when I do they make it seem like the sky is falling, murder and mayhem in the streets, to the point they try and make you think the apocalypse has just started in the here and how. Then you open the door and the birds are singing the sun is shining and all is good in the world.

So, I avoid watching the news. However, when I found out Facebook was lit up with people talking about New York’s newest law where they legalized abortion up to 9 months I had to watch. Sure enough, they legalized it. The worst part being is how the government officials were cheering this on.

I don’t get it, they fight against executing murders on one hand, because they see it as wrong. Then on thr other hand, they actively seek to execute the most innocent among us, the unborn. Giving thunder applause to the idea of being able to kill the helpless inside what should be the most safest place in the world.

I can’t tell you just how emotional I am right now. I’m looking around right now to find anyway I can support and get involved with the fight against this immoral disregard for human life.

I don’t know how these people can think that somehow the vagina represents a magical wall, where, when the unborn passes through the unborn finally gets seen as a human and thus gets all the rights and privileges that comes with being dubbed a human.

The Kids Room.

Elijah and the baby’s room is pretty much ready and decorated just how Luz wants it. She’s has a few blankets and kids clothes that she’s is going through in a tote and a few things she placed in the new crib that was given to us as a gift from her boss.

I got the new portable air conditioner, a 6,000 BTU chigo for $160 brand new (they’re usually about $250). And it is now Installed in their room. It’s really nice and it does does a great job in keeping the room cool. It was the hottest room in the house because the sun hits it just right heating it up and we had a choice. Make the whole house freezing cold to cool off that one room, or let that room be hot and keep the temperature just right throughout the house. So the problem has been solved.

Although, Elijah actually likes the room warmer than the rest of us are comfortable with.

Yesterday we found out the sex of baby to be. We are having a another boy. So we have a spare… 

All kidding aside, it wonderful news. I know Luz wanted a girl, but is happy nonetheless. Me, I’m happy no matter the sex of the baby. I do know this means Luz will want to try again at some point, something you wont hear me disagree on.

Now, comes the hard part, choosing a name. Something we are finding is harder this time around.

Just a quick update: My wife and I will be having another baby. We found out a a few weeks ago, I just did not have the time to announce it on my blog. With that said, next month, we may know the sex of the little one.

Listening to our baby with a stethoscope.

Today my aunt Deb loaned us a stethoscope in the hopes we can hear our baby’s heart. I wasn’t sure I would hear anything seeing the baby is so young inside the womb, but to my surprise it would appear we could hear the little tiny tyke safely inside.

When I first heard the sounds through the stethoscope, I was very skeptical of what I was hearing. Even though to me it sounds like I could hear something moving around and strange thumping sound that sounded like it was in what (obviously not a heart beat as it was only periodic) best be described as liquid.

So being a little bit skeptical. I put the stethoscope up to me to see if I heard any similar sounds. As I was thinking . Who knows knows it could be the stomach or the bladder or something eles. And I tried a few things to replicate that sound. And I just couldn’t get that same sound, no matter how hard I tried. I even asked my own mother to listen and she was just instantaneously convinced that is the baby that she was hearing.

So I think it’s safe to say that what I was hearing probably was the noise of our future child . unfortunately I was unable to hear the heartbeat, or anything that was really like it but, my wife tells me she was able to hear the little ones heart. And I think she probably did. As I think her hearing is probably better than my own.

So this is a pretty cool little thing, and I suspect as the baby gets older we will be able to hear a lot more sounds from it. And hopefully pretty soon we’ll eventually see and feel the baby moving. That is something I think both of us are really looking foreword to, putting our minds at ease when were able to see it moving and know that it’s okay. Because right now we don’t exactly have a portable ultrasound device that will allow us to check and make sure it’s still alive and okay in there. So for now I guess will be relying on a stethoscope for home use.

The first ultrasound photos of our little baby have arrived.

Today we had a ultrasound performed and now have the first look at my wife and I’s future child. Apparently the baby is not 10 weeks but about approximately 5 weeks. Which means the child was most likely conceived on my birthday. These the same both got a pretty big smile out of that.

It was so incredible, watching this video monitor and seemed the little tiny baby’s heart beating. We could not really make out much on the monitor. However, you can see it just flattering away. It was so amazing to see that our future little baby’s heart beating away as ours probably stood still for a moment in time as we watched holding each other’s hands.

I remember looking at my wife’s face is lit up with one heck of a smile. One that she’s giving me right now as I write this blog posting talking about it.

I think there was still a little bit of doubt that she could be pregnant at this time. I think we needed something more concrete, even after three pregnancy tests. In this ultrasound has acted as the ultimate confirmation of something so beautiful.

So now we have a new approximate date for the birth of our future child, which currently is now early December. Although we do not know if it is a boy or girl.