Seeking to Destroy Others. Enough is Enough.

Why is it those with different political views are looking to destroy people’s lives, just to score political points?

Roseanne was cancelled recently after she said posted tweet. Although it was bad, it was not really as horrible as people are making it out to be. Something I blogged about a few days ago. Now the right is going after Samantha Bee for saying something stupid as well, wanting her to be cancelled. As well, to make a point about the left’s hypocrisy.

Both sides are willing to destroy the lives of individuals, who just simply said something really stupid. All to score political points for their own side. And it’s not just something that affect the individual who says something stupid. It also affects those who work alongside them. From their fellow actors and actresses, to the cameraman and janitors, who find themselves losing their job and struggling to feed their families when the show is shut down and their services are no longer needed.

Why are people looking to destroy others lives just to get one up on the other? I’m doubtful there are many people who have not said anything in their past that they regret. And I doubt they won’t ever do it again. I’m guilty of it and I probably will do it again in the future. As humans, we say and do stupid things from time to time, things that we regret saying. We shouldn’t have our jobs threatened and lose our ability to support our families, due to that rare occasions mess up.

Yet, all these people are jumping over each other just the score political points for their own side. Sacrificing other people to do so. What has our society become? How is anyone okay with this?

Enough is enough…..


Men how about you doing your part when it comes to the Bible?

There is some debate over the relationship that men and women have biblically. Some say that men and women need to submit to each other as they are equal, others say that women must be subservient obaying their husbands every command, that is unless it is to sin. And must do the housework, cooking, cleaning, etc. usually, these men are opposed to women getting jobs outside the house.

Now this posting is not going to be on the topic of who is right, biblically. Although that does seem like a good post for the future. Instead, this post is going to be on the topic of something I observed, particularly about the men who biblical view is that only women submit to their husbands and that the wife should stay at home doing all the housework. And what I have observed is something that seems to be consistent with the vast majority of these kind of man. And that is that many if not most seem to be more in love with what the wife does for them. Then they are with their wife.

I remember one particular instance where I watched as this man who almost always preached the same thing over and over, which was that women need to be subservient to their husbands. And how the wives need to do all the housework. There seem to be almost nothing in between. And when I watched as he made these YouTube videos . I noticed in many of them his wife would be in the background doing housework and this was very revealing. Because this one tells me that he was getting to sit down and do something he enjoys why his wife was working. So instead of showing his wife that he loves her and helping her out around the house so that when the bowl done. They can sit down and do it. They want. He decided to let her do the work by. He got to sit and relax doing what he wanted.

So let me ask my readers something… Is that man showing his wife that he loves her, while he is sitting down making YouTube videos or perhaps even watching television, all the while his wife is laboring away taking care of their children and doing housework? It doesn’t sound like he loves her very much.

I think a man who loves his wife would actually assist his wife when it comes to housework. Sure, he might come home from work and relax for a little while. But after that he needs to get off his lazy butt and help his wife, showing her with his actions that he loves her. And not just loving what she does for him.

Remember the story the good Samaritan found in the Bible? All these different men walked around this man who needed help, who was laying in the road and they did nothing. But then here comes a good Samaritan who helped this man and brought to a Inn helped dress his wounds and then paid a man to care for while he was gone. The story shows how one person’s actions showed that he truly loves his neighbor. So why is it that many of these men who’s biblical view is that women should submit to their husbands and do all the housework, won’t even get off their butts for their wives to help them?

Helping one’s wife around the house takes a lot less effort than it would be to help somebody on the side of the road who requires assistance. Yet these men are unwilling to lift a finger for their own wives. So I asked again… Are they showing their wives that they love them when they’re not willing to help them around the house?

Men when it comes to your wives, the Bible makes it clear. You are to love your wife. But you’re not doing that. If you’re not willing to help your wife. She’s not just their to do what you want her to do. She is not your servant or slave. She is your wife. You need to love your wife and if you’re not willing to do anything that would show her that you love her, all the while you are demanding that she do what the Bible says. You’re a hypocrite. And you are not deserving of such a great woman.

So do your part, and love your wife…

Challenging Evan Philips Love of Christ

 Before I start this blog, let me make it clear that I do understand that  NephilimFree (A.K.A Even Philips, AKA: IornOne) may actually be a atheist, or some kind of nonbeliever posing as a Christian and saying and doing the things he does for some laughs. Or that he may be doing this with the intention of making Christians look really ignorant, dishonest, etc.. In order to drive people away from Christ.

Which is not hard to believe when Nephilimfree tells people that he believes that the sun revolves around the earth, as well as his behaviors and actions that seem to go out of the way to be unchristian like. So I am well aware that I could be a victim of POE’s law here. However, even though I recognize this as a possibility, I personally believe that he, at least, believes he is a Christian. I believe this because of my interactions with him and how many years he’s been at this. But why he says the things he does and behaves the way he does. I don’t exactly know. It could very well be that perhaps, there is a psychological condition that could explain it. Something like perhaps the Dunning–Kruger effect.

But him being accused of doing satire or trolling, says a lot about Nephilimfree because, when he is being mistaken as somebody who is not a Christian and is making videos for some laughs. Or with the intent of making fun of Christians by making them look bad and trying to drive a wedge between Christ and the nonbelievers with his videos. Then one would think he would realize what he is saying and doing is not exactly benefiting Christ. Especially when his works are not acting as a light before others (Matthew 5:16) but instead are having the opposite effect.

 Which brings me to why I am challenging his love for Christ. First, I’m not doing it because I feel that Nephilimfree will change reading this, although I would like that to be an outcome. However, from past dealings with him. It seems highly unlikely at this point in time. So I’m doing this for people who may be new in Christ or believers in general, who may unwittingly following and emulating him, not knowing that his works don’t follow that of a person who loves Christ. I am also doing this for the nonbelievers who may look upon Nephilimfrees works and judge Christians based upon that.

1 Peter 2:11-12 tells us to abstain from our sinfulness so that those who speak against us, do so only in slander. Not in truth. Now the Bible also says:

“If you love Me, *Keep My commandments.” John 14:15

However, when we see people such people as Nephilimfree, who seems to be willingly go out of their way to break Christ Commandments. What are we to think? Now being a Christian does not mean one needs to be perfect. We are still sinners. However, a person’s works is a very good indication if they love Christ. Have you ever heard the saying “faith without works is dead”. This comes from James 2:20. Now contrary to what some believe, this saying does not mean your salvation is dependent upon your works. But instead, it is saying that if your faith is real, then it’s going to manifest itself in your works. Simply believing in God is not going to make you saved. Even the devil believes in Christ’s existence. However, this has not saved him. Because, the devil does not trust him, and follow him.

Now the same can even be said about Nephilimfree. Who may, like the devil, believe in Christ. However, just like the devil, he just doesn’t trust him enough to obey him, and make any outwardly shown attempt to keep his commandments.

One great example of this is his dishonesty. Remember earlier I brought up how he believes (or at least said that he believes that) the sun revolves around the earth. Now this goes against how most people today interpret the Bible. Now that is not the problem. Simply interpreting the Bible differently does not mean one is not a Christian nor does it means he does not love Christ. This just means he has a different opinion or interpretation of Scripture than other people happen to have, including myself. And perhaps it is those of us who disagree with the geocentric earth have yet been able to provide a good enough argument to convince him that the Bible does not support such an idea. Or perhaps Nephilimfree feels that his own arguments in the end are some how stronger than the arguments of those of us who believe the earth orbits the sun. So, that is not the issue that would make one believe that he has no love for Christ.

No the issue that shows his lack of love for Christ is what he is doing. See some time after, he lies to a nonbeliever about ever having that position. A position that he has tried to defend in the past (Watch at 2:25 on the time line) with his claimed education in photography.

If Nephilimfree loves Christ, he would not have needed to lie. He could have just said that he changed his position. And no longer holds to the idea that the sun revolves around the Earth. How does he love his neighbor if he can’t even be honest and upfront with them? Let alone, how is he showing that he loves Christ when he cannot keep the commandment to love his neighbor?

Nephilimfree has had plenty of time to come forward, now that he’s been caught red-handed in this lie. And confess not only to the fact that he has changed his position, but to the fact that he lied to a nonbeliever and apologize to them. Showing remorse for what he has done. Yet Nephilimfree has not done that. Again he is not showing love to his neighbor and he’s not showing his love for Christ because, he’s not even keeping his commandment to love his neighbor. Instead he is chosen to continue being dishonest. Shwoing this person disrespect by lying to them and then not even coming forward and confessing and apologizing to them for his actions.

This seems to be very normal for Nephilimfree. As he seems to have an inability to admit that he is wrong. Sure he may sometimes admit he’s wrong on something small like he gave a incorrect web address. However, I have yet to observe him ever admitting that he is wrong on any topic that he takes a stance on. Worse yet, he seems unwilling to even admit to the possibility that he could be wrong on any issue that he has taken a position on.

It is this never admitting that he’s wrong attitude that may somehow be linked to why Nephilimfree misrepresents people and the position that they may take in a discussion. Some time ago when I had my LTB youtube channel and when I was far more arrogant then I am today and only just beginning my own journey of becoming humble, which I still am on. Nephilimfree and myself had some back and forth videos.

During that time, he repeatedly misrepresented my position on geology. He constantly argued that I accept uniformitarianism. And repeatedly, I had corrected him, informing him of the actual position I do take. Which was and remains actualism. Despite this he did not stop misrepresenting my position, and instead attempted to tell me what I believe when it comes to geology. When it was not just the positions I take personally when it comes to this area of science.

He also continuously misrepresented my theological position when it comes to creation. He continuously argued as if I took the position of being a Gap-Theorist or a Day age creationist. Making the argument that a day in the book of Genesis is a day. And no matter how many times I told him that, I agree with him and that’s not where our views differ on creation. He repeatedly argued as if I disagreed with him on how long a day was. I don’t know if he felt that he needed to misrepresent my position in the hopes that I would defend the position I don’t take in order to give him better footing in the discussion. Or if for some reason. He required some website out there to already have a rebuttal to my actual position that I take. And when he could not find one . He felt it best just to misrepresent my actual position. Whatever the reason. He was not showing me any love by doing so.

It was not just that he misrepresents peoples position but he also misrepresents their arguments continuously. For example, in one particular case, I was presenting an argument for how science can take the speed at which the Earth’s Continental plates move today, and use magnetic rocks to calculate the speed at which these plates moved in the past to get a relative age of the earth showing it to be older then that, which Nephilimfree believes it is. And then take that calculation from a completely different area of scientific study. And then compare that to a different area of science to get a concordance of data. Which verified those other areas of science. One of which, was radiometric dating. I never mentioned radiometric dating as part of those calculations.

However, he misrepresented my argument. When I was talking about the magnetic rocks. He was countering that by arguing that the rocks cannot be radiometrically dated. Which clearly I was not making an argument for.

I’m not the only one that Nephilimfree does this to. Nor is this a rarity. As this is a very huge ongoing issue with him. When having a discussion with him, you end up spending more time trying to correct his misrepresentation of you or your argument then you do on the actual topic. And when you repeatedly point this out to him he ignores you and continues doing this. So how is he showing other people love, when he continuously misrepresents the person and their argument? Being dishonest and disrespectful by misrepresenting somebody’s position or argument is not showing them or Christ love. It is the very opposite.

It is not just human beings and our arguments that he is willing to misrepresent but, he seems to be willing to do it to the Bible. From the video we can see, either Nephilimfree either does not read the Bible and just cut and paste what others say what the Bible says, on the some website and does so without ever checking. Or he is the one who misrepresents the Bible. This can be seen when Nephilimfree tries to take a topic about Moses and Israel and applies it to a completely different timeline and subject within the Bible in order to get it to support his interpretation of the Bible of there being a planet flood.

We can see from his works and how his lack of trust in Christ effects the nonbeliever. For one, he verifies the beliefs that many nonbelievers have. Instead of a situation where nonbelievers can only slander believers. His works effectively make it true (At lest with him) when they say the things they say. Emboldening, empowering, and confirming the ideas that nonbelievers may have about us believers. Leaving other Christians, like myself, in the position where we end up calling out others… Others who are calling themselves Christians, whose works go against Christ’s teachings, and hoping we can at least heal some of the damage that is done when people such as Nephilimfree go around calling themselves Christians, and showing no love for their neighbors, let alone Christ.

It is not just his dishonesty and inability to admit that he’s wrong. There are so many other issues when it comes to Nephilimfree. From his, self-righteousness, arrogance, Pride, even how he agonizing the nonbelievers and puts them down. For example, Nephilimfree issued a challenge to debate. He sent out a few conditions for that debate. Others conditions would be put together behind the scenes for the debate to go through. And it was DonExoduse2 who accepted his debate and worked out the conditions for that debate. However, He continuously changed the conditions for that debate, all the while projecting his own actions of changing the conditions for the debate onto DonExodus2. Eventually DonExodus2 became frustrated and tired of dealing with Evan. Then decided not to do the debate and instead use the situation to promote something else. Nepilimfrees response to this, was to say DonExodus2 chickened-out and to boast about it.

So not only was Nephilimfree being dishonest by projecting how he was changing the conditions of the debate. But he was an agonizing and putting down DonExodus2 for walking away from his games, by saying he chickened-out all the while trying to use the situation to boast about himself and creationism. A person who loves his neighbor, as well as Christ. Does not antagonize or boast. But that is what he has done. So what are we to think? Let alone the nonbeliever to think? Especially when he has a goal to shame people.

I think this lack of love for Christ becomes even more evident when we don’t just look at his works, in the sense of his behaviors and actions. But instead, when we look at what appears to be the most important thing to Nephilimfree. And that appears to be creation itself. When one goes to his channel and looks, what they will find is almost all videos on the topic of creation. There is almost no other videos on any other topic, including videos on Christ alone.

Sure Evan mentions Christ here and there in his videos, including his creationist videos. However, if you compare the amount of time and effort that he puts into the topic of creation to that which he talks about Christ, let alone just compared to any other subject within the Bible, we end up seeing what is the most important thing to him.

Creation appears so important to him that, he was not just satisfied with having a YouTube channel to talk about creation. And he needed another avenue to devote more time to discussing creation and created a website about it. The best word to describe a this huge amount of time and energy that he puts in to the subject of creation. Would have to be “obsession”.

The Bible tells us that when we end up devoting ourselves to things that take away from our devotion to God, be it money, an ideology, the search for power, family, etc… It becomes a false idol. The same can also be said, when somebody is obsessed about about creation. So when I see somebody like Nephilimfree, who is so obsessed with creation, I see somebody who is worshiping creation and not the creator. Creation worship… If you will.

This in itself makes it look as though he doesn’t love God, he doesn’t love Christ. Because he so obsessed with creation and not the creator. But when we combined that with Nephilimfree’s works which also acts as evidence for his lack of love for Christ. What are we supposed to think other than Nephilimfree does not love Christ?

Also, his use of censorship in itself is very revealing. Because he’s not just censoring people who are using inappropriate language or trolling his channel. He is censoring people who are presenting good arguments, even evidence for their position. Now if he believed what he was saying was true, then there would be no need to use censorship to silence people with a different opinion. As he would believe the truth would be able to stand up against whatever somebody else was presenting. But apparently, he doesn’t even really believe what he goes around preaching on the Internet because, he’s using intellectual dishonesty to both make it look like his arguments are not challenged as well as preventing himself from acknowledging these arguments.

Now a lot of people are thinking. Nephilimfree doesn’t love Christ. So he’s not a Christian. And I can see how easy it is to jump to that conclusion. I mean, as I mentioned before Evan’s behaviors and actions have made it so people actually think he’s a nonbeliever whose just purposely trying to drive a wedge between nonbelievers and believers. However, I will plead with people not to jump to that conclusion. As Christians we should never judge other people to be Christians or not to be Christians.

Instead, I want to plead with my fellow Christians to accept Nephilimfree as a Christian and be ready to take that responsibility of accepting him as a Christian. See many Christians will say they were Christians are not perfect but, then at the same time, when somebodys behavior and actions are not what we would expect of our fellow Christian and is making us look bad. They end up forgetting that line that we tell people about how we are not perfect. And say they are not a Christian in order to make ourselves as a whole look better. Thus delegating the responsibility for their actions and behaviors to the nonbelievers. And in the end we are not making ourselves look better as we are looking more like people who don’t like to take responsibility.

Think of it this your friend, who you’ve always thought of as a terrific example of a Christian lost a family member and now behaves differently and even is saying that he rejects Christ now. Does this mean he’s not a Christian? Now it could be that he is just having a hard time and has lost his faith and is now becoming disobedient to God. However, this does not mean he hasn’t been saved and it doesn’t mean he won’t come back. It is between God and that persopn as to who is a Christian and who is not. We shouldn’t make that judgment ourselves if he is saved or not. The same goes for Nephilimfree.

When it comes to Nephilimfree. We don’t have the full picture. It could be that he has been saved and has just gotten lost and went down the wrong track at some point. The Bible is full of stories like this where people get off the track and come back. So we should treat him as if he is a Christian, pointing out the things he does wrong, and praising him for the things he does right. In the hopes that God will bring back or use us to help bring him back onto the right track. Because he may have genuinely loved Christ at some point and been saved, but somewhere along his journey with Christ. He just made a wrong turn. And now walks a path where he loves himself, and creation more.

We also don’t know if he really does have a psychological problem, and it’s not just a case of extreme dishonesty and manipulation. And in that case he may still be saved. However, because of the psychological problems that he may have. It may be causing a lot of the things we see today with him. So I want to encourage people not to reject him as a Christian.

However with that said, we still need to be cautious with him because he very well may be a nonbeliever who just wishes to drive a wedge between the nonbelievers and Christ. We also need to make sure that other Christians, especially those who are new and nonbelievers who are on the fence. Understand that they should not follow him, his example or his creation worship version of Christianity. And for that matter, they should probably just stay clear of him until he is back on the correct track.

We also need to use the situation with Nephilimfree to show the nonbelievers that we recognize this kind of behavior from him as unacceptable. And show them that we will confront him because of it. And we will take responsibility for him as a Christian, instead of trying to pawn him off onto them, the nonbelievers by saying he’s not a Christian.

 As it stands however, his works tell us that he does not love God. And I will be praying for him.

By this we know that we have come to know Him, if we keep His commandments. The one who says, “I have come to know Him,” and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him; (1 John 2:3-4)