Snake feeding gone horribly wrong

Fluffy… So named for his sweetness has bitten me for the first time (It was my fault). Normally Sparta is the one who bites me, but never has fluffy. It was not painful Although my reaction made it sound like that. It felt like a pin prick on two sides of my thumb at the same time. However it did startle me as I never expected it from him. But at lest I got it on tape wile setting eggs out for my snakes to eat.


Good news for Fluffy my snake.

The last time my snake shed It did not go so well. There was little flakes of his scales that did not come off with his last shed. So I decided to buy some stuff to help them shed. But he was unable to get the rest off. So I decided what I would do is wait for his next shed to see if that would help him.

During the time, though he seemed to be a lot more sensitive to touch. So obviously, this problem was uncomfortable for him. And when I looked at him I could tell something was obviously wrong.

Well he finally had the shedding today, and I could tell that his shedding experience was a bit rough as flakes of his shedding were all over the place in the cage. However he got all the skin off, and he looks a lot better now. Which makes me happy because Fluffy means a lot to me. And it hurts me to think that my snake could be suffering.

Sparta bit me yet again.

Well Sparta, my snake has bit me yet again. Sparta gets really excited when it is time to eat, and well she got a little ahead of herself and get my thumb, thinking it was food. This was my fault as it could have been prevented. So I do not blame her.

The good part is. She is still small, and her bites do not hurt at all. The bad part is she still growing. And this will probably become a problem later on in her teeth to puncture my skin and she can produce more pressure in her jaw to cause pain.