The boys

I am enjoying and amazed at just how big Ezra has grown in such a short time. Not to mention just how much my boy has been eating. He has definitely not allowed us to get a full night’s sleep as a result, always wanting to eat. This is much different than it was with Elijah, who was the opposite in many ways. At least that’s how I remember.

He had slept a lot more, which means we did as well. He didn’t eat a lot unlike Ezra who, again is basically one giant eating machine.

Elijah giving Ezra a bath

One thing that has surprise me is how Elijah has not been been jealous of brother or attention we’ve been giving him. If anything, Elijah has been looking for anyway he can to help. He been throwing the soiled diapers in the bin, and even recently just helped me give him a bath.

There really has not been any noticeable changes to my family or personal life. Though, Luz is more relax with Ezra then she was with Elijah. With Elijah, it seemed like every time he coughed she was saying, “Babe, we need to take him to the emergency room. I think he sick.” It drove me crazy. However, This time around she more relaxed. I would say that she is more relaxed then I am.

At this point, because Ezra is still so young and only eats, sleeps and cries, there is not much to talk about. However, I am sure that as time goes on, there ia going to be a lot more talk about. Not to mention, I can’t wait to see Ezras personality emerge and how it will differ from his older brothers personality.


I know I haven’t been posting much lately and I said that I would post more, but I have been busy. Since I last posted my son had graduated kindergarten. He had a little ceremony it was wonderful.

When they had all the kids get their little diplomas on the stage, the teacher would read off what each kid wanted to be when they grow up. Most of the girls wanted to be ballerinas. One wanted to be an ice cream lady. The boys, will like typical boys, they wanted to be cops and army men. Well, all except for my son. Who just simply said he wanted to be just like me when he grew up.

Needless to say, that was so sweet and made me feel so happy.

I also had to use a jackhammer for the first time in my life, after the city threaten to give me a fine for a concert ramp that was used to access my driveway. I wasn’t exactly happy to get that notice. Especially since, I specifically choose not to move into a area without a HOA, so I didn’t have to deal with other people threatening to give me a fine for not having my house look a certain way. Instead, it would seem the city has become my HOA.


I also was a bit upset because technically, this ramp wasn’t even on my property, and was there before I moved in. According to my neighbor, who also received such a notice from the city, the ramp had been there before he moved in. That was over 10 years ago. So it seemed a bit unfair to me.

However, after weighing my options I chose not to fight the city in this battle. In the end, it would probably require lots of time and just simply cost me more to get a lawyer and fight them on the whole thing. When it would take me far less time and only $60 on a jackhammer. Besides, the little kid in me really wanted opportunity to play with a jackhammer. Something my wife probably wouldn’t let me do otherwise. So I had my excuse.


Also, we’re getting a lot closer to my wife’s due date and still, there is much to do. It seems like the closer we get to being done some new things pop up and we realized we’re not quite done. Almost seems like the second time around a little more difficult.

The Doctor tells us that the babies healthy and coming along on time, though he’s a little bigger than Elijah was at this stage. Which you’ll get no argument from me. Luz’s belly seems far bigger then it was when she was pregnant with Elijah.

So that’s all the big things that have happened since my last post.

Today, I spent a lot of time with Elijah. With our new kid on the way, I was worried he may feel like we are not giving him enough time. So we had gone to the movie’s and I taught him how to clean my daily carry sidearm.

Yesterday we found out the sex of baby to be. We are having a another boy. So we have a spare… 

All kidding aside, it wonderful news. I know Luz wanted a girl, but is happy nonetheless. Me, I’m happy no matter the sex of the baby. I do know this means Luz will want to try again at some point, something you wont hear me disagree on.

Now, comes the hard part, choosing a name. Something we are finding is harder this time around.

Just a quick update: My wife and I will be having another baby. We found out a a few weeks ago, I just did not have the time to announce it on my blog. With that said, next month, we may know the sex of the little one.