Building a model with Elijah.

A while back I started a project with Elijah. Whenever I’m home we would work a little bit on the model I got him. The model I chose was from Hobby Lobby. It is called the RGM-79SP GM SNIPER II: E.F.S.F MASS-PRODUCED MOBILE SUIT.

I am not entirely sure what it all means, but it looked cool. and one thing I do know about Elijah is he loves robots and the Transformers, So I know he would like it. surprisingly there are so many pieces. but what’s going to end up looking like a very small action figure.

One of the things to that makes this model unique is that it actually is movable and poseable. So when we are done he can have a little fun with it instead of just making something and then let it sit there collecting dust. the other thing is there’s no need for glue.

Although for Elijah it’s the excitement of building it and then having it to play with, for me, it’s all about having an excuse to do something with my son. To spend time with him, talk with him while talking about the Bible with him or just simple life lessons.

The kid in me wants to finish it as quickly as possible however I’m deciding, we do like one page worth of things take a little bit of time because there are so many little things to put together on this, giving it great detail. however, I want to make it last so that it makes the work that Elijah is putting into it feel much more accomplished as well as teaching him patience and control.

So far we have the head and torso and it looks really nice.

He Passed My Test

As a person who has multiple firearms in my house and children, I want to make sure I do everything to keep my kids safe. I would tell Elijah every so often what he should do if he finds a gun in the house, or other peoples homes.

You know the typical stuff, don’t touch leave the room fast and tell a grown up. However, I wanted to know if I son would do what he has been told. So, I got an airsoft gun that looked very real and just left it laying around while I left the room.

Elijah did what I wanted him to do. He left the room, came and found me telling me about the finding the firearm. This makes me so happy to see he know what he should do.

This tells me he is one step closer for a time when I can take him out and go shooting with him one day.

Yesterday, while my mom babysat Ezra, Luz Elijah and I had gone to a waterpark I have not gone to since I was a kid, Wet ‘n’ Wild. The trip there was part of a church putting, so there was a lot of familiar faces with us.

I will say, it was nice to get out of the house that we had been trapped in due to the Arizona heat and have a good time. I loved hearing Elijah laff as he slid down the many water slides. He even had gone down one of their three more scarier ones and enjoyed it.

Sadly, it was my only day off and I am back to work today.

The boys

I am enjoying and amazed at just how big Ezra has grown in such a short time. Not to mention just how much my boy has been eating. He has definitely not allowed us to get a full night’s sleep as a result, always wanting to eat. This is much different than it was with Elijah, who was the opposite in many ways. At least that’s how I remember.

He had slept a lot more, which means we did as well. He didn’t eat a lot unlike Ezra who, again is basically one giant eating machine.

Elijah giving Ezra a bath

One thing that has surprise me is how Elijah has not been been jealous of brother or attention we’ve been giving him. If anything, Elijah has been looking for anyway he can to help. He been throwing the soiled diapers in the bin, and even recently just helped me give him a bath.

There really has not been any noticeable changes to my family or personal life. Though, Luz is more relax with Ezra then she was with Elijah. With Elijah, it seemed like every time he coughed she was saying, “Babe, we need to take him to the emergency room. I think he sick.” It drove me crazy. However, This time around she more relaxed. I would say that she is more relaxed then I am.

At this point, because Ezra is still so young and only eats, sleeps and cries, there is not much to talk about. However, I am sure that as time goes on, there ia going to be a lot more talk about. Not to mention, I can’t wait to see Ezras personality emerge and how it will differ from his older brothers personality.