Garden a failure

 Well I am officially calling my patio garden a failure. The heat was to much and as soon as it begun to cool down, The local stray cats started using the boxes as their own personal litter boxes. So for now I am calling it quits on the garden.


I want a vertical garden

Something I found on the Internet is a great idea for people like me with a small space for gardening and that is a vertical garden. I could grow far more plants sitting on my walls in my tiny little backyard than I can with plants on the ground, because technically speaking. There is more wall space, then floorspace in my backyeard. So now I am looking into buying one of these vertical garden.

My small urban garden.

I have taken steps to start up a small vegetable and fruit garden in my tiny backyard that is no bigger than an apartment balcony. I have already had much of the materials that I needed, but I still ended up spending an additional $100 on supplies. One of the reasons why I spend so much is that I decided to try the new topsy turvy. The topsy turvys will help me use the avalable space that I have so that I can grow a lot more.

I will be growing tomatoes, many different types of herbs and strawberries in the topsy turvy. At least at first, because I can grow other things in them as well. As for what I will be growing in the pots that I have on the ground, I will be growing, yellow onions, green peppers, jalapeños, okra, artichokes, long stemmed onions, Cabbage, lettuce And soon, watermelon, cucumbers.

I will have everything that I need for the ingredients required for my hot sauce. Except for one ingredient, which is my secret ingredient. So do not ask. However with everything that I will be growing. This means that I will be spending less time and money shopping and in the long run. I will be making up the money I spent.

I have learned that growing my own garden is a really rewarding experience for me. And it makes me less dependent on other people to put food in my belly. Granted, I cannot be self-sufficient with such a small garden, but being less dependent on others is still an improvement. And the idea becoming an urban survivalists is very much appealing to me seeing that I enjoy the art of wilderness survival (Yes it is an art, and I do not care what anybody says).

Anyways I will be posting updates on my garden, and seeing that I brought up the topic that I am into wilderness survival I may also be doing post on wilderness survival and even urban survival now that I am getting into it.