Well this is a first for me

With my current line of work, I encounter a lot of strange things, as well as the criminal element and a lot of people doing a lot of stupid things. Usually the the criminals is synonymous with the people doing stupid things.

It took me a while to get used to seeing some of the things that I do see. And be able to keep a straight face. However, overtime, after being repeatedly exposed to the very same things over and over. It is no longer humorous but more annoying than anything. So when I am exposed to something new that gives me a good belly laugh or puts a big grin on my face. Usually it makes my day. And today was one such day.

Today, I was approached by a gentleman who looked me over with a very strange and odd face and tried to say something, but I wasn’t sure what he was trying to say. It was as if he wanted to say something, but just couldn’t get it out.

He then looked at my badge and looked down at my duty belt which immediately made me think that this guy might be up to no good and maybe thinking of doing something really stupid that he may regret. He then asked me if I was a cop? And before I could answer he explained to me how he’s been looking for one, and how he thought he could find at the local quick trip (where there’s usually police officers) but he couldn’t find one and started driving around until he found me. He then asked another question, keep in mind I have yet to say anything to this gentleman. And his question was, do I have a handcuff key?

Well I was a little surprised by this question. After having this gentleman looked me up and down and wondering if I was a police officer. I took a step back, thinking there might still be something afoot here. I think I kind of expecting to see prison outfit underneath his clothing or him with handcuffs on him that, he may have tried to saw off at some point.

As I looked him at for a moment I realized he didn’t seem to have any need for a handcuff key. So I responded to him saying, “yes I do have a key for handcuffs… What do you need it for?”

He mumbled something, but I think he quickly realized I didn’t understand what he said. He then took out a handcuff key of his own, but the key was broken. And he pointed that out to me before informing me that his wife was in handcuffs and couldn’t get out. Then he looked over his left shoulder at car that had one woman in it sitting in the driver seat with her head firmly planted into the palm of her hand.

Now I noticed that hand did not have a handcuff on it. So I looked over and asked, “do you need help?” And she then looked up at me and raised her left hand into the air where I could see she had found herself locked in handcuffs.

At this point there is only one of two things that I’m thinking is taking place here. The first being that she has escaped from police custody. The other being her and her boyfriend were having a little fun with handcuffs and got themselves into a little bit of trouble. Now, keep this in mind the whole time I’m keeping a straight face. I want to laugh, but I don’t. Because, option one, may be a very big possibility here and things can go horribly one wrong.

I then walked up to the car and told her to go ahead and move the car to a safer location and I will follow her there. And told her to have her ID ready.

Once there, I took her ID got her information and also asked her a few questions about her current predicament. It didn’t take me long to come to the conclusion that she was not a person who has just escaped from police custody. Especially with her being so pissed at her boyfriend not to mention her feeling very humiliated about all this. So yes, her and her boyfriend were having a little bit of fun with handcuffs, only to find themselves in a little bit of a bind. However, I decided to keep a straight face for professional reasons, as well as the possibility. This can also turn into a complaint being filed against me if a let out a big belly laugh.

So I then take out my handcuff key and remove her from her newly acquired silver jewelry. And before I left the scene of this strange tale. I left her with a piece of advice while keeping a straight face and told her, “next time you want to engage in this kind of activity… Get the pink fuzzy handcuffs that you find at Castle boutique stores” and then I turned away only to have the biggest grin on my face. And did so without them ever knowing just how funny I thought this whole thing was.

Needless to say, after that the two drove away really fast, feeling very embarrassed. I was left with a really great story to tell everybody. A story about blogging about today.


Businesses setting up a jobless system.

Not too long ago, I found myself without a job. Mainly due to me walking out after the my place of employment refused to do anything about harassment in the workplace. And began to make the workplace even more hostile for me (apparently they didn’t want to hear about harassment from one of their higher ups).

However, one of the things I noticed was just how difficult it was to find a new job. It wasn’t difficult because of there being no jobs. Because there was plenty of jobs out there. Although, almost all, were not paying very much for the openings that they had  available at the time. But nonetheless there were plenty of jobs.

I suspect a good portion of people who are unemployed and getting a check for it are just not wanting to take a low-paying job that may require them to do a little more work than what they’re used to. So it is a lot easier just to collect a check and not do any work.

What made it a lot more difficult to find a job. And perhaps the most frustrating part of finding a job was how you go about applying for jobs. And that is, that almost all companies (other than perhaps mom-and-pop businesses who almost none were hiring) are no longer giving out paper short applications to fill out. Instead you have to go online to fill out applications for these companies. Making the Internet a necessity and no longer, just a simple privilege.

So now the person looking for employment. Must have a computer with an Internet connection that they have to pay for at a time where they may be desperate for money. Yes, most of these companies do have employment kiosks in their location. However, most of them seem to have been out of order for an incredibly long time. It would seem most feel they don’t need to fix their employment kiosks when they’re already overwhelmed with applications being submitted from somebody sending it from their house computer.

The few that have been working may already have somebody on it. And they may be there for many hours. As the new application systems that have been adopted by employers, include a lengthy psychological profile/test each of the Jewel must take. And when I say lengthy I’m not kidding.

In one case, I spent three hours filling out an applications psychological profile/test. And I still had 89 more pages to go, before I finally threw up my hands and said forget it. Many of them can take on average, about 2 to 3 hours to fill out. Which takes up a lot of valuable time, that one could be spending on filling out more applications.

This process becomes extremely frustrated. Because most of them are all the exact same questions you answered in the previous employers application. The redundancy starts making you want to hit your head against the wall. But is anybody going to say that when they fill out the application’s questions like, “do you sometimes get angry?” Of course not. People are going to lie and say “no.” Because they know if they answer “yes.” They most likely will not have a job. So it just shows how useless this psychological profile/test really is.

They know just how ridiculous it is because they don’t read all the answers. The computer just prints out a very basic idea based upon their answers. For example, it might print out a category saying, “a person’s happiness level…..Good.” So basically all they’ve done is higher bunch of people who have lied to them, in order to get a job with them.

But this process is ridiculous because it is time-consuming. Before this process one only needed to fill out 30 to 40 applications and return them, increasing their chances of finding a job quickly. But now with this new process, one may only get 3 to 4 applications submitted in a day. So because of this new process, it takes longer for a person to get a new job and recover my financial losses.

So in effect because of this new process that almost every employer is now incorporating into their application process. They are in effect making it harder for people to find a new job. I don’t think that that was their intent, and I think the psychological profile/test is just a way to protect themselves from possible lawsuits when one of their employees goes bat-shit-crazy and decides to go on a shooting spree.

But this process instead has created some of the problems we have today. Because, now people are probably so frustrated due to the application process that makes people think, why bother looking for new job and getting yourself frustrated when you can get a free check and relax at home? Adding to that is the low-pay, they can expect and now the system is set up so that people just don’t want to look for jobs anymore.

Why not instead have people fill out the basic application, and if the employer is interested in that person, then later have them fill out one of the useless psychological profile/test? This would greatly speed up the entire process, increasing their chances of getting the job. And help the economy move in the process.