Seeking to Destroy Others. Enough is Enough.

Why is it those with different political views are looking to destroy people’s lives, just to score political points?

Roseanne was cancelled recently after she said posted tweet. Although it was bad, it was not really as horrible as people are making it out to be. Something I blogged about a few days ago. Now the right is going after Samantha Bee for saying something stupid as well, wanting her to be cancelled. As well, to make a point about the left’s hypocrisy.

Both sides are willing to destroy the lives of individuals, who just simply said something really stupid. All to score political points for their own side. And it’s not just something that affect the individual who says something stupid. It also affects those who work alongside them. From their fellow actors and actresses, to the cameraman and janitors, who find themselves losing their job and struggling to feed their families when the show is shut down and their services are no longer needed.

Why are people looking to destroy others lives just to get one up on the other? I’m doubtful there are many people who have not said anything in their past that they regret. And I doubt they won’t ever do it again. I’m guilty of it and I probably will do it again in the future. As humans, we say and do stupid things from time to time, things that we regret saying. We shouldn’t have our jobs threatened and lose our ability to support our families, due to that rare occasions mess up.

Yet, all these people are jumping over each other just the score political points for their own side. Sacrificing other people to do so. What has our society become? How is anyone okay with this?

Enough is enough…..


Review of Son of God

Son of God

I have been finding it difficult to watch movies and television lately. So, I was happy for finally being able to watch the movie “Son of God.” A movie, that I wanted to see.

I know; I know, if you have seen one movie about Christ, you have seen them all. After all, how many ways can you retell the same story, right? Well, I like watching remakes. There, I said it. At lest when it comes to Christ, I like a good remake.

So, what did I think of the movie? I liked it. The music in the movie was just fantastic. Leaving me wanting to buy the sound track for it. The music could be considered its own character. Relaying the emotions of the scenes very well.

What really surprised me was the acting. Although not the best, the acting was good compared to the acting we normally get from Christian movies. Let’s face it, the acting we get from Christian movies is usually very bad. With very few exceptions to this rule.

Joe Coen (Joseph) acting was just awesome. He really pulled off the part. Amber Roma Downey (Mary, mother of Jesus) also did a wonderful job. Though Diogo Morgado (Jesus) did a good job, I really expected more from him seeing he is playing the most important character.

Speaking of Jesus, again we have him being portrayed as white male. You would think, that by now, we would have a Jesus more accurately representing the people about time and place.

With that said, the movie really did not stand out from any other biblical movie of this type. Marking it seem like the movie was not needed. That is, unless you are taking your kids, or someone new to Christianity to see their first Jesus oriented movie. Then a modern updated version is something I can understand.

So what is my verdict? It is a good movie, good for the family. However, seeing it lacks anything new. It is best just to wait for it to show up on your local religious television network.