Bear Grylls Knife Review

It has been long time since Ihave been canyonering or backpacking or even hiking for that matter. One of my favorite things to do was canyonering. And I was heavily involved in the outdoors. I love wilderness survival as I would try and get as far away from the city as I can and live off the land.

But I haven’t done that in the long time now. I’ve even got myself a little gut (well, little being objective) from my inactivity. So I decided to start eating healthy and I’m going to get back in shape and get back into backpacking and canyonering. To do this I am going to start by eating healthier and smaller portions. I am also going to begin hiking again. Starting with trails located around the city of Phoenix. This way, I get my strength and stamina back so that I will be back in shape for doing these activities I once enjoy. I have all the equipment I need to get back into it. However, my wife does not.

So the other day I entered REI. And purchased her a survival knife. The knife apparently is something that was designed with or in association with Bear Grylls and GERBER (not to be mistaken for baby food).

Now I’m actually impressed by this knife. It does not have all the gadgets is my JungleKing I survival knife has. Gadgets that really aren’t necessary, but I find having them helps you have confidence and who knows if you might actually need them, especially if you’re like me in into long-term survival. Instead of just trying to stay alive for rescue crews to arrive.

The knife itself comes with a diamond sharpener and a fire starter rod that is used with the fire starting notch but can be found on the back of the blade. Bear Grylls knife is lightweight and is held into the sheath very well. And despite no other mechanism to hold it in like a strap it is not going to just fall out on you. It’s that snug of a fit.

Which is very noticeable to me being a big fan of the JungleKing I survival knife which in the end, in my opinion, is one of the very best if not the best survival knife on the market(well used to be a market mother replaced it with the JungleKing II, which doesn’t seem to be all great). In comparison it is very heavy and has a strap which is used to lock the blade in place. If that strap becomes old and falls apart you’re pretty much screwed as they do not offer replacement sheath. And you cannot just simply buy any old replacement for it. As it is custom-made for all the other gadgets involved.

Another thing I really like is how the but of the knife has been designed to be used as a hammer. This is a very useful thing on a knife. I don’t know how many times have been out, backpacking and putting up my tent and using the but of my JungleKing I knife put stakes in the ground or for some other use. And wondering; I’m going to break the little compass? Is it going because of the fallout? Or maybe the damage the knife in some other way?(Amazingly, I have not had any problems using it in such a way which only goes to show the quality of knife the JungleKing I really is) So having this as a built-in feature and not worrying about your knife makes this a really nice feature to have.

That is not to say there are things that I’m not impressed about when it comes to this knife. For one even though it fits in snugly into the sheath, trying to pull it out can actually be a little bit dangerous because it’s such as snug fit and you have to pull hard. And if you’re cold and tired, you probably will not be paying attention as much as you should be. And this could easily result in an injury.

Another thing I’m not impressed about is it seems as though the knife is not his strong as it should be. I have a small $10 knife about the same size and weight. I used this knife or for my hiking adventures not really my going out and roughing it adventures. And this knife seems to have a little better quality metal than Bear Grylls $50 knife. Although I don’t think this quality really is a thing of concern is still very solid. And I don’t expect to have a reason to take a large rock and pound on the side of the blade hoping the blade doesn’t break. For what in the end you really need the knife for this knife will do great. At least I believe so.

What I like most about this knife is how it combines the gadgets you most need from the jungle King knife to the lightweight simplicity of my hiking knife.

In the end, I would say this is a great knife. It’s so good that I hope to purchase one of my own. In the end, I would give it a good 4 out of 5 survival berries.