Trinity Denial And The Math

We have all heard the argument Muslims use to deny Christ. “1+1+1 does not equal 3.” They say this as a way to try and ridicule Christians. Saying we are not being logical. Even atheists have picked up on this argument. Atheist like Matt Dillahunty from the Atheist experience, I believe has used this.

However, like many arguments that are supposed to not just make Christians look bad, but act as an attack on the reality of the bible.

Such an attack is based not on an open mind, but a mind that is attempting to justify their own beliefs and why they believe what they do. After all, it easy to believe what you do if you have demonized what others believe. All while ignoring the hypocrisy and double-think they are guilty of when making such a bad argument.

If they truly believe what they say, they why not hold that to be true with everything. For example, the people who make this argument are a multicellular organism. Yet I am betting they don’t talk about themselves a “we,” but as “I.” As if there is only one. Yet they are made up of millions of cells, cells with many different tasks. All making up a single organism.

Yet, you don’t exactly hear many Muslims and atheist going around and saying it is not logical to take “1 cell + 1 cell + 1 cell” and say it one thing.
That is because, they are only seeing what they would like to see. Ignoring that they accept and understand how many individual things can and do equal one thing and do so without them being illogical.

If they really believe what they say. Then I wonder how they can explain to their children that a Yoke, white and shell don’t equal a egg. Because here we have a clear case of 1+1+1=1 and 3 yet none of the criticism. Why? Are they asking for us to accept a special pleading fallacy?

If an egg can be described as being made up of three distinct things, yet still be one thing. Then why not with God?


Do The Men In The Bible Get All The Advantages And Privileges Without Giving Up Anything?

All too often the Bible is attacked for being anti-woman. With this view of men getting all the advantages and privileges without giving up anything. This makes me suspect the people who say this, are viewing the Bible with their own sexist perspective that prevents them from seeing how untrue that is. Or if they had ever actually read the Bible for themselves and are just parroting what they have heard.

One look at the Bible and we find just how untrue this view is. Yes, it’s true the Bible does define the gender role of women. With married women being told to submit to their husbands (Ephesians 5:33), and that they are to be keepers of the home where (Proverbs 31). However, contrary to what some may believe. This does not mean her husband can just be her own personal dictator and lounge about the house and do nothing. As the Bible sets out some ground rules for the husband on this. And before I continue I want to talk about this.

On the surface, the bible saying that the wife must submit and be the keeper of the home does sound unfair for the women. It makes her sound like little more then a house servant, but what about the man? Ignoring the man seems to give this sexist ilusian. However, when we read more on this in the Bible. A much different image emerges.

The Bible makes it very clear that the husband can’t abuse this. With him being told that he cannot be harsh on her (Colosssians 3:18-19), and to treat her with respect (1 Peter 3:7). So again, the Bible makes it clear that he can’t be her own personal dictator. There is more as well. He is told to love his wife. “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her by washing with water through the word” (Ephesians 5:25-26). The Bible even tells the husband to love their wives as they would their own body’s (Ephesians 5:28-29).

It is love that changes the whole dynamic. Because, a man who loves his wife is not just sitting and watching football. He is helping his wife with the house work and the kids. This makes the husband the helper. And while the husband helps. He is to submit to her. As he is helping. Not leading in such a case.

Love is not an act of selfishness. It’s one of selflessness. Where you don’t take. You give. So when we read in the Bible that the Husband is to love his wife, and do so as he would his own body What the husband is being told is that he must put his wives wants and needs ahead of his own (He cannot forget about his own, however). He is to make sacrifices. She comes first. This really destroys the idea of the wife as some kind of mindless servant while the husband ends up with all the perks. Because the husband ultimately is to put her above himself.

The only time when that is not the case is when it contradicts the Biblical gender role of her husband. Such as, an issue of safety. Or where the husband must put needs ahead of wants. For example. The wife may really want some new shoes. However, the electric bill needs to come first. So the husband must choose to put such things a head of her wants. When ever he takes on his gender role. He is to do it in the context of love.

What we have is biblical gender roles that use our differences as strengths. Complementing one anther. With each gender role sacrificing for the other by use of our differences. However, the male gender role does not end at just loving his wife and respecting her. The husband is responsible for providing for his wife and children. He also must provided for his parents, disabled siblings, sister in laws if his brothers had died. Not to mention their children. And back then death was very common, so he may be responsible for great deal of people. And the bible makes it clear if he wants to be right with God this is something he needs to do ( 1 Timothy 5:8).

Not to mention, back in Biblical times. Laboring in order to provide for himself, let alone for others usually vary grueling, back-breaking work that was even dangerous to do. A simple cut could kill. And a broken leg could mean him, and his family will go hungry or worse.

The gender role of men did not end there. Men/husbands are expected to submit to the church, the authority’s even the king. They may even be forced to go to war. While having no representation form his king for such a sacrifice. A war that may lead to his death. Men had even been expected to give up their lives to protect their family from a wild animal or bandits who would seek to do his wife and family harm. Unless you were a king, queen or one of the vary few with any power. You had no privileges or advantages.

Does the Bible still sound like it is sexist ageist women now? Does it sound like men got all the advantages and privileges? Of course not. If anything it sounds like men have it harder than women. Even if the false view was true that women had been treated as nothing more than servants. However, for some. Mainly feminist, or people with a feminist mentality. They only spot a few things that to them look like the oppression of women because of their Biblical gender role, but completely ignore the Biblical gender role of the male. Why do you think that is?

I will tell you why. It is because of their own sexist world view. They seem not to have any issue with men keeping to the traditional biblical role as provider and protector that God wanted them to proform. A role of great sacrifice and labor. With a man who is expected to give up his place on a life raft to women and child as the ship he is on, sinks toward the bottom of the sea.

However, when it comes to the female biblical gender role that God wanted for them. Then that’s bad because this is what God wanted for women. They want women who are obviously different from men to have the same-gender role as that of men. Well, unless it comes to a sinking ship. Then women are expected to take on the traditional biblical gender role and get on that life raft. With men forfiting their life on that sinking ship. As well, they are expected to even be willing to die protecting the women from intruders, etc….. So they see no problem with the male’s traditional gender role. And even expect it. That is why they don’t complain about the male’s gender role. Only the females. Because men are expected without challenge to be…. well to be men. The hypocrisy of this feminist bias view is incredibility obvious.

The fact is, although men and women are equal in God’s eyes. Both men and women have been created (evolved) to have different gender roles. I know many feminist hate this idea and what to believe that men and women are equal except for our reproductive systems. However, that just simply not the case. It is our very differences that act as evidence that both men and women have been created for different gender roles. Not to mention it tell us who has it harder.

One look at our gender dimorphism seems to make this clear. Women are in general weaker and slower than most men. They have less endurance and cannot take as much physical trauma then men can. However, they can take more pain, which helps when giving birth. Men on the other hand, with some exceptions. Are stronger, faster, take more physical damage thanks in part to our stronger skeletons then a woman and even have a lot of endurance for long harsh journeys and hunts. This little fact seems to make it very obvious that men are designed not only for a much harsher life, but dare I say shorter life. However, men are designed to do what we do. With women designed for a less harsh and strenuous life.

Simply put the person who only sees hardships for the women and ignores the hardships of men is displaying their own sexism.