My Statement of Faith And Acceptance


1. There is only one God, who exist eternally in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

2. The Bible is divinely inspired by God as well as containing the word of God. Thus the Bible is the authority for faith and practice.

3. I believe in the miracle virgin birth, of Jesus Christ.

4. I believe that Jesus lived a sinless life, performed miracles, shed blood on the cross for us, and in his bodily resurrection.

5. It is God’s grace, that allows us to come to Him (Saved). We can not earn it, It’s a free gift to us. So we can not work or do good deeds to get into heaven.

6. We are all imperfect, fallible sinners and falls short of deserving grace of God.

7. We evidence and demonstrate our faith in God by keeping his commandments. Faith without works is dead faith, which is not faith at all.

8. Hell is not a place where people burn and suffer for all eternity. It is a place where the soul is destroy and the person is forever separated from God. (To learn more click here)

9. The “Days of Proclamation” interpretation of genesis one is the correct interpretation.

10. I believe in original sin.

11. I accept that scripture teaches a local flood. Not a planet wide flood.

12. Circumcision has absolutely no place in Christianity.

Morals and Ethics

1. I am against the the death penalty.

2. I am against abortion, unless it is absolutely necessary to save a life.

3. I am against sex outside a loving and commented relationship. However, I am for the teaching of safe-sex, for the safety of those who do have sex out side of marriage.

4. I am against forcing my own ‘religious’ morals onto others who, may not share the same morals as I do. Just as I would not want their ‘religious’ morals forced onto me. [See General (1)]


1. I accept the scientific theory of evolution, the big bang theory, Earth’s geology, Solar system formation, etc… I believe such theory’s explain just how “God did it.”

2. I believe the “Goo to you” (Or one may say dust to you) explanation for mans creation.

3. I acceptactualism” when it comes to geology.


1. I believe and will defend the “separation of church and state.” Religion should be excluded from civil/governmental affairs and public education. As it not only protects others who do not share the same religious beliefs that I have. It also protects me, my children and other Christians form other religions and from the government encroaching on my religious beliefs.

2. I am against censorship. For censorship is nothing but a way to hide/deny the truth from oneself or from others.




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  2. Do you write to inmates in jail I have a friend who would like christian literature of any kind with sundays sermons. Please write to Mike soon he really could use christain friends at times like the present time. Thank you in advance his Address is
    Mike Sterner
    B-1A cell #220
    N K S P
    Box 4999 Delano, CA. 93216

    Please mail him Christain Literture.
    Many Thank Yous!!!

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