I thought I would take the time to post my top 3 favorite YouTube channels that I recommend. As well, give a little bit of information as to why I’m recommending them.

Truth or tradition: This YouTube channel is notbjust one of my favorite Christian channels. It is one of my top 3 over all channel’s I watch. They take a very humbled approach to how they do their videos and the message that they conveyed. As well they’re doing a great job glorifying God with their videos. It’s great for atheist and theist alike.

Sargon of akkad: Sargon, although an atheist really doesn’t attack religion just behaviors and actions. He’s been fighting for people’s rights particular out right to free speech as well as fighting against stupidity, particularly that which emanates from social justice Warriors and feminist. 

Noel Plum: People often say, “before you criticize somebody try and live in their shoes for a day.” That’s what I like about Noel Plum. He is the kind of person who tries to understand other people’s points of view even if he disagrees with them and tries to relay other people’s point of view fairly to others  While at the same time putting forth his own opinion in the fairest possible way. He’s highly articulate, inventive in the examples uses and dare I say, he’s even philosophical in a way.


It’s France turn to elect their Trump.

C-LvYmPXgAA1bubWe are starting to see people stand up around the world and say, “enough is enough.” As their leaders, in what can be be described as attempting to deliberately cause the erosion of their own countries.

The United Kingdom had brexit, The United states elected Trump and now France could elect their Trump, La Pen. Who actually wants to try and save her county from the influx of immigration that has led to a huge uptick in terrorist attacks there, and the destruction of their own culture. While Macron, who her competitor in this election. His solution to this is to do nothing and to tell people to just get use to it as they are now part of their life.

C-L-yzcXkAEP8W-.pngOf course its easy for Macron, an old style aristocrat to do nothing, with him living away from the mess, living a highly lavish lifestyle in his expensive home. Because he does not need to experience what other who are not so lucky must deal with due to his decision-making.

Ignoring the corrupt media, which is trying to control who people vote for. I think there is a good chance La Pen could actually win. If she does, it would be interesting to see.

I should note here, that for all the complaining the US is doing about Russia’s influence in our election. The U.S. Does not seem to have any issues with trying to influence the election in France. But mark my words, if La Pen wins, The US will blame it on Russia.

Idea’s for the outside of the home.

I have lots of plans for our home. One such idea is for me to install some stone panels on the out side of the home. This is how the home looks right now.


Here kinda of the the idea I have behind one thing I want to do to the home.


Home idea

This photo I edited really does not do it justice, its just to kind of help me see what it will look like when I do. I also, have not decided on the type of stone panel I will use. Not to mention I will be doing the same to the wall that is around the home to give it a well needed upgrade.

I don’t buy it.

It seems I have grown highly skeptical of anything I hear from the news and our government. In a way, I have learned from resent history just how trustworthy our government is. And I think I have for many good reasons.

Remember why we had gone in and toppled Saddam Hussein? Where we had been being told that he had weapons of mass destruction. Turned out that was a big lie. A lie that has made Iraq much worse place for it. Or how the government has been spying on us in violation of the constitution. Or been putting people in secret prisons without trial?

So, now that we spent millions of dollars to do cosmetic damage to an air base, I don’t think that it’s unreasonable for me to immediately be skeptical of the reasons behind launching the tomahawk missiles. Asking if the excuses the government gave us even make any sense?

The more I think about it, the more it looks like we are being feed a load of bull. So let’s review a few things and ask a few questions too.

1.Bashar al-Assad regime was blamed in the past for using chemical weapons, threatened with US intervention because of the accusation. After many months of an investigation, it turned out that al-Assad regime did not use chemical weapons, but the rebels used it on them self to blame on al-Assad.

2. After the attack al-Assad agreed to dispose of the chemical weapons he did have with the help of Russia.

3. Both the UN and the US investigated and found and signed off that al-Assad had destroyed all his chemical weapons.

4. al-Assad Was winning the war and had no need to use chemical weapons, So why would he do so risking it all and becoming the next Saddam Hussein?

5. Why would Russia know about it and do nothing knowing it would make them look bad?

6. Remember US has been blaming Russia for hacking the elections and has yet to put forth any evidence for it making it look like the US is trying to make Russia look bad.

7. The use launched an attack before an investigation was completed.

8. The U.S only says there is evidence for their claims, but refuses to show it.

9. Wikileaks shown us that the US had wanted long before this happened to take out Syria government.

Looking at this list, what reason do I have to believe what our government and media is telling us about Syria?


Human history is riddled with a lot of disgusting and disturbing Acts. With Some of our worst moments having taken place when one group of humans had declared that others are not human, or are some kind of subset of humans. A kind of less developed human being.

Millions of Jews had been sent to the gas chamber. As they had been seen as Untermensch, a term that was used to describe inferior people.

Even slaves had been seen as not being human. Thus, it was fine to do what you wanted to with them.

However, it seems we have not learned from our past. Where millions of our most innocent have been killed because others have deemed them not to be human. Or are said to be a less-developed human.

At least not until they pass through the vagina, as if the vagina is a magical barrier that turns them into a Human Being.

I’m talking about the millions of babies that have been routed out of their mother’s in what is called an abortion. A word that fails to really describe the genocide that is taking place. After all if you described it as crushing skulls or sucking brains out, it could have an effect of humanizing the unborn baby’s. So, other words are used in their place called euphemisms.

Euphemisms are used in order to downplay the barbarism of this genocide. Where words such as abortion and terminating a pregnant are used. They won’t even call it a baby. Instead, they choose to call it a clump of cells, a parasite or a zygote in order to dehumanize the innocent life within.

Why do you think the same people who use such Euphemisms don’t ask pregnant women, at lest women who have are going to have their babies such things as, “Are you going to find out if your zigote will be a boy or girl?” instead choosing to use the word “baby.” Never using the words zigote, blastocysts, even calling it parasite or clump of calls.

Chances are you have never heard anyone refer to an unborn child that way, unless there are talking about killing the baby. Then they use such words. Why because its easier to justify ripping the baby out of the womb if you no longer think of it as a human.

Showing that it is only a human when its wanted, and when it’s not wanted they disconnect it in their minds from humanity. Justifying it by dehumanizing the life and down playing what is done to extinguish that life.

It’s discussing how people feel that it’s ok to take a human life because it’s an inconvenience for them. No one has the right to snuff out the most innocent of us. A person right not to be inconvenienced does not trump the right for that individual human being to live.

To use a common pro-baby killer Euphemism, It is sad to think that the embryo of an eagle is seen as more valuable then that of a human, where terminating the eagle embryo will result in a heavy fine and or prison time. But a human embryo can’t get that same protection.

With this said, we on the side of saving lives must put forth plans and programs that, while they don’t incentivize people to pop out babies for some kind of reword or hand out, we do need to come up with ideas to give mothers reasons to keep the children, while setting up programs to better take care of the children who are given up. And to adopt more children, giving them a home with a loving family.

Because in the fight to save lives, many have forgotten that if you win, there is still a life that needs to be taken care of once born. And the implications, such as truing over the unconstitutional ruling Raw v. Wade without a plan to care for the many children is careless to say the lest.

This is something that must be discussed now, not later. Not after its over turned, not right before it is. Now!

I have not updated my blog in some time. So I thought I would take the time to update people on what’s going on in my life. Well for one I had quit my last job so that I could find time to go back to school and graduated. No longer will I be working in a law enforcement capacity, now I am working in the medical field and I am satisfied with the change I made.

That is not all. Luz and I are buying a new home and should be closing the deal on the 20th of this month. My wife has nagged me to no end to buy a home for sometime now, and finely happened. Please don’t get me wrong, I did not get it simply because my wife wanted a house when I did not. No, Getting a house has always been my dream to. I just wanted it on the terms I like.

I did not want to spend so much on a home that w would be living paycheck to paycheck just to have a home we like. I have seen people end up having their homes foreclosed on them, buying them when they really can’t afford it. Or find that they could not fix the car because their mortgage took up every penny they earned. So, I wanted it to be affordable.

I also wanted a home so that we have a bit freedom to do what we want with it. I wanted my freedom so much, I made sure we found a without a HOA.

We will be getting back into gardening, Not just to give me something to do at home, but to help me and my family become more self-sufficient. Not to mention it’s nice to cut down on trips to the market and save money. We may even get a few egg laying chickens.

Nonetheless, things are going good for us with many changes. And yes, I do want to start blogging more again. There is just so much going on in the world to talk about.