Explaining to Creationist, What Evolution Really is.

It is kind of odd that I find myself writing with the intent to teach people about evolution. It would seem very few people actually know what evolution is. And there are a lot of reasons for this.

One big reason is that textbooks do a really poor job at explaining evolution, most actually get it wrong. Even the teachers at grade schools and high schools often don’t understand what evolution is. So they end up teaching a faulty version of evolution. Most often, they say it is one animal turning into another. Even the textbooks in schools are often incorrect, mainly because the people writing them don’t know what evolution is let alone how to describe it. Then you even have those who reject evolution writing the textbooks and putting their own false version of it down in print. Only to end up being taught to children.
So what is evolution? In the most simplistic way possible to describe it, it is change. Nothing magical or extraordinary about it.
Nothing actually ends up turning into something else. Instead, it’s just a variation of what it once was, even if it looks vastly different than its ancestor. A good way to think about it is if you take a piece of clay and mold it into something. It’s still clay no matter what shape you make it.
Another example is the termite. The termite simply is a variation of a wood eating cockroach. It’s a social wood eating cockroach. It didn’t stop being a cockroach when it evolved, because it’s still a cockroach, just a variation of them.
Even humans are just variations of our ancestors. All of us are still eukaryote, unikonts and opisthokonts, despite how we look so vastly different. Just as we are still primates and mammals. When we say ‘Homo sapiens’, it is just a name for specific type of variation of our ancestors.
Again, there is nothing magical or special about it. One organism does not turn into another completely different type of organism, that because does not outgrow its ancestry.


Radiometric Dating-A Christian Perspective

I want to share a really good article on radiometric dating. A article that comes from a Christian perspective. And I want the Young Earth Creationist or, any christian that wants to deny the scientific dating methods,  to take the time and read it.  Just Click here.

SLOOH: The time share telescopes

For some time now I have been using the SLOOH telescopes for astrophotography. And I must say I am impressed with the photos I have taken. What is great about it is that anyone can use it for there own photography or research.

It is so easy to use that almost anyone can use it. The best part is that it is not expensive, about $5.00 a month to use a high quality, powerful telescope that the averages Joe would other wise never be able to use.

There are some down sides to the SLOOH telescopes. Such as the size of the images that are captured and the watermark. If I am renting the telescopes then I should be able to use it with without the watermark that accompanies them. I do understand why they may want the watermark  inbeded in the photos but, I really find it unnecessary and it takes away from the photo.

Other then that, I would recommend it for anyone into astronomy/cosmology that does not have the time or money to afford large 14 inch telescopes.

New biblical research paper released; “There Was Death Before the Fall Of Man”

Well I have finished another biblical research paper. This time on the topic of death before the fall of man. Below is a link to that paper. However, A copy will also made available on ‘My papers‘ Page as well.

There Was Death Before the Fall Of Man”


Scriptural claims about there being no death before the fall of man have been made by Christians that deny evolution. This paper will review the scriptural claims being made and show them to be biblically unsupported while providing biblical and logical support for there being death before the fall of man.

My first research paper now released.

I just completed my first Research Paper that is now available on my Research Paper section of my blog.

The paper is titled “Why The Behemoth is Unlikely to be a Dinosaur”

In this paper I use the sexual reproduction system of dinosaur to demonstrate how the behemoth is unlikely to be a dinosaur as many Young Earth Creationist claim.

Do enjoy.