The Feminist Scoreboard Ruins Marriages

Today, I read an article where a woman who is now a feminist has decided she will never cook for a man again. Her reasoning is that during her previous marriage, she was always doing the cooking and cleaning and was effectively keeping a scorecard, which is what feminist do.

In the article, she gives a little bit of story on what was going on. When she originally married him he was the only one working and she was not. So she was cooking meals for him and doing the cleaning. Then she talks about how she got a job, but she actually spent most of her time skipping out on it and going to the gym instead of working. Only to be upset that she was still expected to cook and clean.

See, this is the problem with feminist. It is that they only keep score when it is things that they feel they’re doing more. Where they are wanting to do less while demanding the other do more. They do this while not offering to do more in other areas that they do less work in that their partner does more in. It’s always about them (orthe female sex).

It’s like how they complain there are not enough female CEO’s running companies. Complaining about how there are more males instead as if there’s some kind of conspiracy. However, you don’t hear them complaining about how we need more female working in underground sewage tunnels which are male-dominated. Instead, they are silent.

Same goes for the family. They never ask for equality where they say, “you know maybe I’ll be the one to do the over time. that way you can stay home and relax.” Or say, “Let me spend the afternoon repairing the car, so you can relax and watch TV.” So, despite how this is expected of the man, they don’t complain. They only demand they do less and the man does more.

Don’t get me started on how men are even expected to take a bullet for their wives or give up their spot on the life raft. If you expect someone to die for you, then don’t complain about doing the dishes.

This is what feminism has done. This is why most people who are for equality, reject being called a feminist. Because, by its actions and words is about one group, females. It’s equality for women at the expense of men and boys and it is destroying marriages and families.

I’m my house, we complement each other. We don’t compete.

I work 40+ Luz 32 to 36 hours. This gives her more time, so she comes home early and helps our son with his homework. She can’t cook, so I do all the cooking. However, she does the dishes. I do all the shopping, paying the bills, taking out the trash, yard work and car repairs. She keeps the house clean, decorated and organizes.

There is no scorecard between us. At least I am not keeping one. To me, we are on the same team. Working together. And that’s one reason I think that is why we been married for 10 years. Because it’s not a competition for us.

Feminism however puts the husband at odds with his wife because it’s so one sided, making her bitter. No successful marriage can work this way.

So don’t do what the feminists do, get rid of that scorecard. at least if you want your marriage to be successful.

An Excuse to Read The Bible To Them Every Day

One of the excuses some dads give for not reading the Bible every day is they just don’t have the time between their work life and family life. However, I found one good way to kill two birds with one stone.

As a dad, I am well aware of how we juggle I work life with her family life and can sometimes find very little time to just sit down relax from the Bible. But one thing I have found is that want to put my kids to sleep I don’t need to read a dr. Seuss book or a children’s Picture Bible I can actually read the Bible itself.

By doing so not only am I reading the Bible and learning things myself but I’m able to use this as a bonding time with my sons and I will be able to use the many stories of the Bible to relay biblical life lessons to then. While reading from Genesis to Revelations I’ll probably be able to go through the whole Bible several times over just by reading every night to my children.

The boys

I am enjoying and amazed at just how big Ezra has grown in such a short time. Not to mention just how much my boy has been eating. He has definitely not allowed us to get a full night’s sleep as a result, always wanting to eat. This is much different than it was with Elijah, who was the opposite in many ways. At least that’s how I remember.

He had slept a lot more, which means we did as well. He didn’t eat a lot unlike Ezra who, again is basically one giant eating machine.

Elijah giving Ezra a bath

One thing that has surprise me is how Elijah has not been been jealous of brother or attention we’ve been giving him. If anything, Elijah has been looking for anyway he can to help. He been throwing the soiled diapers in the bin, and even recently just helped me give him a bath.

There really has not been any noticeable changes to my family or personal life. Though, Luz is more relax with Ezra then she was with Elijah. With Elijah, it seemed like every time he coughed she was saying, “Babe, we need to take him to the emergency room. I think he sick.” It drove me crazy. However, This time around she more relaxed. I would say that she is more relaxed then I am.

At this point, because Ezra is still so young and only eats, sleeps and cries, there is not much to talk about. However, I am sure that as time goes on, there ia going to be a lot more talk about. Not to mention, I can’t wait to see Ezras personality emerge and how it will differ from his older brothers personality.

Let Our Works Speak To The Unbelievers

As a Christian, I know what it is like to be attack by non believes. I had some very hateful things said about me and what I believe. I have even had people attack my family for simply being a Christian and not necessarily anything I specifically believe. It does come with the territory.

However, it would seem that many who are calling themselves a Christian, feel that it is perfectly acceptable to behave just as the non believers who are attacking them do. Saying hateful in Vile thing in return. Some may even say it to a non-believer who is behaving civilized with them, because of what others have done to them previously.

This is not how Christians are to act. We are to “Abstain from all appearance of evil.” (1 Thessalonians 5:22) and we are not doing that when we are calling people names, launching personal attacks, being prideful, arrogant or putting others down.

One of the greatest Commandments we have is to love our neighbor. And really, how can we say we love our neighbor when are treating the non-believer so horribly? When our actions make it look like we hate them?

Sure, the non-believer may be hateful and vile towards us in his or her attempt to destroy us. However, the Bible does not tell is to follow all the rules, except when attacked by a atheist or muslim who is trying to hurt our feelings. We are to always be humble, patience, meekness, not prideful, be gentle with perfect courtesy toward all people. Because, we are to , “Keep your conduct among the Gentiles honorable, so that when they speak against us as evildoers, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day of visitation.” (1 Peter 2:12)

We are to use their attempts to destroy us, to being them to the Lord. Just as David did when his enemies had been spreading lies,and being deceitful. In the end, we need to trust God, “When you’re under attack, take refuge in the Lord as your righteous defender.” (Psalm 5:1-7)

Sadly, when many Christians are confronted on their unchristian like behavior/actions. I have found that very few change what they are doing. Either giving excuses as to why they can do what they are doing, ignoring the Bible. Or they claim I am not a Christian, because to them, a Christian does not call out other Christians for what they are doing. Therefore, because they deem me as not a christian, they feel that it gives them an excuse to continue with the unchristian-like behavior. No I’m completely unaware of any Scripture that says that, even if somebody is not Christian they can not point out unchristian-like behaviors and actions.

In many ways, I understand such people. When I was a new Christian, I had a hard time with this. I would fight back giving just as much if not more then what I was given. I said some horrible things to people as a reaction to what they are sub to me. I had a hard time being kind to those who are not doing so with me. It’s just taking me a long time to get where I am today. Even after all these years, I still find that I must pull myself aside and remind myself of how I should interact with others, others who I’m not exactly the nicest people towards me.

We must remember that our works are an indication of our faith. If we don’t act like we believe what we profess to believe, then why would a non-believer even take a serious? Why would they even consider what we have to say?

We must also ask ourselves, our we bringing glory to God with the things we say and do? Is our behaviors and actions resulting in a seed being planted? Or is wedge being driven in? Which do you think is more productive?

OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD: USA gets its man in the end

Well, I just got word that one of the worlds most evil, ungodly men Osama bin laden, is now dead. And has been for a week now while awaiting DNA testing. Originally it was reported he died in a bombing however, the president of the United States in his address to the people on this, reported he died in a fire fight.

Personally, I wish he would have been captured alive and held on trial so that the family’s of the innocent men, women and children he murdered in the name of his false god allah, could have had the chance to confront him in court and give him a peace of their mind before his sentencing. However, I will settle for this outcome.

Although, I will not celebrate Osama bin laden death. For I can’t get my self to feel good and celebrate how a man who rejected Christ as his lord and savor, only dies and is forever be separated from God.

The good thing that comes from this is that now, American and really the world in general can feel a little bit safer knowing that their is one less evil person out there who seeks to harm and kill anyone who does not fallow his false god allah. And the family’s of the people killed on September 11th can continue or even finish the healing process.