What Jesus suffered on our behalf, truly makes Him worthy of our worship.

We Christians hear it all the time, we even say it all the time. And that is “Jesus suffered and died for our sins.” But not everyone really understands just how he suffered.

When we envision what Christ went through, from the horrific whipping, crown of thorns on his head, to even him hanging on the cross. It’s not hard to figure out that He was suffering a great deal physically from this torturous event. However, what he suffered physically does not compare to how much He must have suffered when, Jesus took on our sin and became sin .

“For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.” 2 Corinthians 5:21

By taking on our sin Jesus (in the flesh) for the first time he became separated from the Father. And no doubt he suffered horribly from this overwhelming experience of taking on our sins. And we can’t really understand just how much he must have been suffering from this experience. After all, we sin so much that we have become used to this experience.

However, Jesus was not a sinner, so He would never experience the penalty of death/being separated from God as we do but, when He took on our sin for us he felt what we do/will feel. This must have been absolutely tremendously horrifying experience. Now He did not become a sinner when he took on our sins, he only experienced our penalty for our sins. And Him being somebody who has never experience what sinners have become so accustomed to in their daily lives. Means it must have been a real shock to Him.

But on our behalf (the sinners). Jesus as a man experiences all the horror of what it feels like to be separated from God. It is an amount of suffering that we the sinners cannot comprehend . As we squalor in our sins like a pig squalor’s in its waste, and are so use to it.

We could tell he was suffering as He was being made sin when he said,

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Matthew 27:46

So certainly from this we can see that He was suffering a great ordeal from this experience that He was going through. What Jesus went through physically, I doubt it compares in anyway to just how much He must have suffering from feeling distant from his Father.

Truly, Jesus is worthy of our worship. For he suffered so much for us sinners.

Jesus Freaks

I do not normally find many books, I feel like blogging about. However, the book, Jesus Freaks is well worth giving a shout out to.

The book is a collection of many different stories about people imprisoned or even killed because of their faith Jesus Christ. Many of whom could have easily save their own life if they simply said that they reject God. Or at the very least, life about it to save their own life. Instead they chose not to and had been killed for it.

Reading such stories, one cannot help but think to themselves. Would I or could I have had the same courage if I was in that position that those people have been in? I believe many Christians really do believe that they would be more than willing to give up their own life for Jesus. Who gave up his own life for us. But when we are looking down the barrel gun I believe many Christians may not have the courage and faith that they thought they would have had in the same situations.

But inside this book we find many stories of individuals, who really were willing to become martyrs because of their faith and courage they had. They would not turn their backs on Christ, because they knew Christ was waiting for them and they put their selves into the hands of their Lord and Savior.

These are very inspirational stories that should help us think really hard. As to how much faith we really have. The martyrs that we read about in this book can also give the reader some strength to draw upon. Especially when they feel things are getting too hard for them. They are now able to read the stories of people those who would suffer more than they have and look to them for strength.

And heaven forbid if any of us were ever in the same situation we read about in this book. Where our own lives are in danger, and we had to make a choice. We could look upon these examples that could help us make are decisions.

Even though this book looks thick, really is an easy to read book, a book that will keep you reading till the very end. So much so that most people would probably finish it within a day or two. However, I suggest reading one page a day as a devotional style book. So that every day, when tone wake up or go to bed they can be inspired by such people who have come before them.

I really do recommend this book and hope other Christiana will check this book out. And not just people of the Christian faith. Really this book is for anybody.