Roseanne cancelled again

I have always enjoy the show Roseanne. Even after it was cancelled originally, I’d always find myself channel surfing and stopping to watch an old rerun. Of course, I was ecstatic when I heard it was coming back. I wasn’t sure how they would do it, or what direction the show was going to take.

Originally, I heard there was going to be a little boy that would wear girls clothing and a black girl, I was thinking great this is going to be a highly regressive, social justice warrior version of the show. After all Roseanne was always a very liberal actress, it was already quite a liberal show back on the day and a head of its time with the issues of the day.

Needless to say I was highly surprised the social justice Warriors and the regressive left wanted to show cancelled before it even started. Apparently, they just simply didn’t like the idea that there would be conservatives (Roseanne and Dan) portrayed in a positive light. Seems you’re only allowed to have conservatives on your show if they are the butt of a joke.

However, unlike them I was willing to give the shell shot despite the SJW direction it looked like it was taking. And so, I watched it and I was pleasantly surprised with it. One of the things that I like the most was that, despite how all the family members were so vastly different in their political views, views on how to deal with different situations even. They did not let their views drive a wedge between each other while finding a way to work through their problems together. Taking care of each other.

That’s one hell of a message. A message of Hope, a message that apparently SJW and the regressive left did not like, demanding it be cancelled before it actually was canceled, yet again.

I’m actually surprised by their reaction to this show. Because if anything, this would be a great way for SJW’s to help turn some of the more racist and hateful people on the conservative side to become more tolerant of other people, ideas and races. Maybe even turning a racist or a islamophobe into a non-racist, tolerant person.

However, it would seem that the SJW’s are so intolerant themselves, to the point that you just simply can’t have such a show even if it could have positive effects.

Now with that being said, Roseanne was ultimately canceled after the liberal actress Roseanne made a tweet that has been interpreted as racist. No I’m not saying what she said was not racist. I’d say that’s most likely an accurate argument for her insult. I would argue however, that out of all the horrible things I’ve heard people say, what she said was pretty mild. Especially in comparison to the things that are said against Christians and white male. What you said is more akin to what you might expect a second grader to say on the playground.

I also don’t think using a racist insult means that the person who used it, is automatically racist. If anything, the person who thinks that way is probably doing so, due to their own racism and it’s a projection of themselves. Because they think that something they would do review their own racism.

Now I’m not arguing she’s not racist or is one. I don’t even see a issue with people being upset with what she said. And now she is now suffering the consequences of what she said. Though I would say people’s reaction over such a comment are hugely overblown. I suspect most people over reaction to what she said are just a way for many to use her increase their status amongst their fellow SJW’s and regressive.

With that said, I’m not exactly happy with the reaction from ABC, canceling the show yet again for a very mild comment. Especially when the show was capable of doing so much good despite such a mild insult. Nor am I happy with other networks canceling even the old shows reruns, such as Laff and even Hulu.

I think the best reaction should have been to just let her take a hit on social media and continue with the show. If however the show took a hit ratings-wise, then sure at that point you cancel the show. Letting the customer speak. Chances are they wouldn’t lose very many viewers, if anything they probably see an increase.

Because most of the people who are complaining about such a mild comment are people who already wanted the show cancelled. People who aren’t even watching the show. So I think the best thing ABC should have done, was to let the show continue and possibly help change a lot of real racist mindset.

However, it would seem others who have the ability to make such decisions about the show disagree. Sadly all this cancellation has done was done was further divide the left and the right. While it may have actually helped push people on both sides more to the extreme side of the aisle they already sit on.


Epic SJW gender bull.

There was a time people were offended when some woman breastfed in the sight of others. Some people thought it was sick and disgusting, but others for some reason thought it was a sexual act. And of course both women and men had to point out that it was natural and necessary for the child

Now here comes the social justice warriors (SJW) on their Crusade to tell people how to live and think. Not to mention just plain old reveal their stupidity to the world and remind the rest of us why exactly we don’t like SJW’s again.
Jessica Martucci had released this study in Pediatrics, saying that it is “ethically inappropriate”  as it is reinforces gender roles. Thus they do not want medical organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics to call breastfeeding natural.
When I first heard about this I thought it had to be satire. Boy was I wrong, this was actually was real and it was meant to be to be taken serious.
With that said, there just so many things to say about this. The first thing I must do is ask why? It’s like this women was looking for a issue to complain about because all the SJW bull had been debunked like the rape culture, gender pay gap, etc… So she decided to invent a new issue. A issue nobody was ever even complaining about, but now I suspect I we will ad nauseam.
Next, I do find it odd, because what’s the one thing we hear from SJW trying to normalize a mental illness? That gender is different from sex. Now here this SJW destroying that. Showing that previous arguments where the bull we thought it was.

I also must ask, if we we can’t call something that is natural, natural. Then what are we to call it?

Seriously,  Martucci wants us to ignore reality, as to not offend someone believes there’s something that they are not. Appeasing their mental illness. What’s next? not installing the toilet in new homes because it might offend somebody who believes they are a cat?

Liar liar pants on fire.

Louise rosealma has found out the hard way that some men will treat women as their equal after one man had punched her in the face when protesters for free speach (alt-right) clashed  with ANTIFA ( who ironically are a group of fascist who say they are anti-fascist), who had been attacking the Free Speech protesters. Click here for the video of it.

Ms. rosealma, our snowflake, who is now crying about being punched by a man. Doesn’t appear so innocent when we start doing a little investigative work. You see, before she ever had gone to the protest she said something very interesting in her Twitter feed.

When she talks about how she wants a hundred scalps, it almost makes it look like she is looking for a fight, a physical fight at that. And as we start looking around more, we can see from other photos, that she was wearing padded gloves. You know, the kind you would wear if you were planning on getting into a fight.

Kind of like the one here.

Oh but it doesn’t end there. You see the same man who had been seen puching her in the video, also had gone Toe to Toe with just moments earlier. Supposably, because she was putting fireworks inside of glass containers that were blowing up and injuring people. Basically she was making IED’s. And this man who punched her, did so to stop her.

So, now after she got punched and she’s giving the media a sob story that doesn’t line up with even what we see in the video, she set up a go fund me page asking for $45,000 for medical expenses, four little cut on her nose, that magically healed moments after she was punched.

So yeah, of course I’m not buying it, but I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of social justice Warriors and feminists, who are going to donate.