Seeking to Destroy Others. Enough is Enough.

Why is it those with different political views are looking to destroy people’s lives, just to score political points?

Roseanne was cancelled recently after she said posted tweet. Although it was bad, it was not really as horrible as people are making it out to be. Something I blogged about a few days ago. Now the right is going after Samantha Bee for saying something stupid as well, wanting her to be cancelled. As well, to make a point about the left’s hypocrisy.

Both sides are willing to destroy the lives of individuals, who just simply said something really stupid. All to score political points for their own side. And it’s not just something that affect the individual who says something stupid. It also affects those who work alongside them. From their fellow actors and actresses, to the cameraman and janitors, who find themselves losing their job and struggling to feed their families when the show is shut down and their services are no longer needed.

Why are people looking to destroy others lives just to get one up on the other? I’m doubtful there are many people who have not said anything in their past that they regret. And I doubt they won’t ever do it again. I’m guilty of it and I probably will do it again in the future. As humans, we say and do stupid things from time to time, things that we regret saying. We shouldn’t have our jobs threatened and lose our ability to support our families, due to that rare occasions mess up.

Yet, all these people are jumping over each other just the score political points for their own side. Sacrificing other people to do so. What has our society become? How is anyone okay with this?

Enough is enough…..


The left is not liberal.

What I am about to say may seem kind of strange to some. Mainly because there was a time when the left and liberals were synonymous with each other. However, that is no longer the case. The left are no longer liberal if anything they have become the anti-liberal.

In a ironic twist, the right has begin to shift towards being liberal. Even the alt-right which is made up of some very racist people, have become more liberal then the left is today. Now I understand many people may be yelling at their monitors after reading, but let me make my case.
Most people don’t really know what a liberal is. When they hear the word, they tend to automatically think Democrat or the left.  It’s as if it’s just simply another label used for them and they would be wrong.
However, being a liberal simply means you believe people should be free and independent, or if you will a person believe in Live and Let Live. 
Doing a quick search online reveals the following definition for what a liberal is.




1. open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values. “they have more liberal views toward marriage and divorce than some people”

favorable to or respectful of individual rights and freedoms. “liberal citizenship laws”
“the values of a liberal society” (in a political context) favoring maximum individual liberty in political and social reform.

Now that you’ve read that, let me ask you something. When colleges and student groups go around trying to silence others from being heard, is that liberal or is it oppressive? 
These students and colleges that don’t want other opinions to be be heard are literally oppressing another person’s freedom to speak and be heard all because they disagree with it. They’re not open to new ideas, or opinions, they’re not being respectful to their rights and individual freedoms. Instead they’re trying to force their collectivist ideas onto others while being the only voice heard.
At the Berkeley protest, that resulted in violent outbreaks to stop and silence the Free Speech protesters. As well as the violence that broke out the silence Milo yiannopoulos. It wasn’t the left or the progressives talking about tolerance for new ideas and different opinions, it was people on the right who did. It was Trump supporters, even the racist/white supremacist we’re the ones talking about it. Talking about how they disagree with people, but respect their right to be heard. Why the left did everything they could to silence the other side.
Needless to say, I never thought I’d see the day when a white supremacist was on the right side of history for once.

Even when Christians, Christians that belive homosexuality is wrong (not all of us do), refuse to bake a cake they are attacked by the left and sued for not participating in doing what they feel is a morally wrong thing to do.  
Is the owner of the shop free to live their lives how they want, when they are forced to do something they don’t want to do? Is the homosexual couple displaying liberty? How about when religious companies that are forced to pay for healthcare that allows for abortion, effectively making them pay for other people to kill their own born child? Of course not.
A true liberal would let others to speak and not use violence to silence them. They would let the free-market take effect when it came to that baker. They would not force a company and its owners to pay for abortion or birth control. Nor would a liberal sue a company for not baking them a cake.
The pendulum has now shifted, it is the many who are on the right who are becoming liberal. More liberal then left has been in some time. Even hateful racist and homophobic groups now are the new liberals in a ironic twist of fate. As there was a time when the right and those groups on the right didn’t want other groups or individuals with dissenting opinions be heard.
Now with left and progressive behaving as typical fascist do. As they grow more and more intolerant of other who do not conform to their collective mentality and ideas, to the point of useing violence against anyone who is not in agreement with them. They’ve lost the title of liberal. As they cannot tolerate anybody who does not think as they do. 
It is definitely interesting to live in these times and watch as the pendulum swings. Remember there was a time when it was the right who helped free the slaves and fought for people’s individual freedoms and then the pendulum switch to the left.

Now it’s going back to the right. Where it is the people on the right fighting for are individual freedoms and not just gun rights, but also our freedom of speech 

Now I’m not saying the right is any better than the left but I am saying the right is now the liberal side.

Syria gets a position on the United States human rights Council?

Apparently Syria, is putting on hold its killing of its of its civilians in order to join the United Nations human right’s counsel.

Now this would make for a great joke in the next Naked Gun movie. But this is no joke. Syria is actually is joining the United Nations human rights Council. While it’s partaking in atrocities against its own civilians. Well its taking a brake for this.

When I see the United Nations continuously doing stupid things like this, it makes me wonder how does anybody take the UN serious? It’s a bloody joke… I think idea behind the United Nations is a good idea, but unfortunately, the United Nations seems to be going down the same path as the League of Nations in many ways.

I feel like we’re wasting money giving it to the United Nations when they do such stupid things as this. Has America fell asleep behind the wheel? And what kind of message are we sending to the rest of the world when we not standing up for what is right and just?

America’s future looking scary….

You know, I heard that by the year 2020, the national debt of the United States will be $28 trillion dollars. I don’t know who would continue loaning the US money to be able to get that that far into debt. But if that were ever to happen, that would be incredibly scary. And the only way I can think of that would get us out of that kind of debt would possibly be selling off some of our sovereignty to another country. Like selling Alaska to China forcing everybody who lives in Alaska to take lessons in speaking Chinese.

As it stands now, it will take us approximately 3 generations to get out of debt. And that is if we stop now, changing everything around and we all make huge sacrifices. And pay a huge amount of are hard hard earned dollars to the government in the form of taxes. Not to mention we may even probably have to give up our superpower status.

However, if it was ever to get to $28 trillion, then chances ar,e we’re not coming out of it. Not to mention that we will not be just making a sacrifice here, as the United States could even probably become a third world country with millions of starving people.

This is very scary. Especially now that I have a stake in America’s future and not just the state in my own future. Which is a very good reason to try and make it better for future generations. But as I look at American now it’s already bad enough, but when I see America getting into a debt of $28 trillion that is just darn right scary.

The current plans that have been proposed by both the Democrats and Republicans, with the exception of Paul Ryan don’t do anything. I head someone on the radio the other day say, it would only affect about 0.8% of our economy.

Not to mention the current plans by both the Democrats and Republicans involve raising taxes. Apparently they think they need to continue taxing us. But this is not a taxing issue. This is a spending issue. showing they don’t get it, and that it seems like they don’t really want to cut back on anything and make sacrifices because, the things that they are spending money on are used by votes.

We need to do something and I don’t think that something is going to come from the Democrat side or the Republican side as they don’t seem to have our or our country’s best interest in mind.

I was wrong. Now I’m changing my position.

A lot of people don’t like to admit when they’re wrong. Normally, because they feel perhaps somebody would call them stupid for being wrong. I myself do not see it that way. To me it is actually a great opportunity… An opportunity to now be right or at least possibly right. It also gives me the opportunity to learn something that I previously was unaware of and accept this new information.

So to me when I learn that I am wrong, not just on something small, but on something that changes the entire position or stance that I take on a particular issue or topic. Then I find myself in the position of being honest with myself anf change that stance because of this new information that has been presented to me that previously I was unaware.

Sometimes this new information is evidence or just a better logical argument. No matter what it is that changes my position, I find it to be humbling as it reveals to myself that I still have the ability to keep an open mind. Which to me is very important. Because as long as a person keeps an open mind. They are always open to finding out what the truth really is. Instead of trying to bend the world into the truth that they want or are used to thinking is the truth.

So as I wright this blog, know that I’m not embarrassed about admitting I’m wrong. Or at least admitting that I believe that I was wrong. As I am always open to the possibility that my original position was correct as long as a better argument or new evidence can be presented for me to return to my original position.

In this case it is the position I took on the status of what is currently deemed as “illegal drugs.” My original stances was to keep fighting this war on drugs. And that medical marijuana is just an excuse for people who are drug addicts to legally use drugs.

However, now that is not the case. I now believe that I was wrong. Especially on medical marijuana. Now seeing that a family member my own who is been suffering for years with many horrible medical conditions like, arthritis, Fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, etc.. All causing this family member a tremendous amount of pain. Pain that has become worse over the years and the current painkillers on the market are not helping. Either that or they keep her asleep and unproductive, let alone just not cognitively there.

The sad part is because of this pain this family member has actually been talking about the subject of suicide. That is how bad it is gotten. And there really is little the family can do other than pray and try and be there for them.

However, there is one option that is becoming available, at least if you’re in Arizona and that is the option of medical marijuana. Despite all the bad things said about it. It does work. And this may be this family members best hope for controlling or at least dealing with the pain.

I said once in a past blog that it’s amazing how one’s finances can actually change a person’s position on many different topics. However, that’s not the only thing that can change a person’s position. When you watch as a family member is suffering, that to can change your position. Or in this case my position, at least on medical marijuana. 

I decided to do research on it after finding out that medical marijuana will become available here in Arizona. I even talk to people and I believe that this may be the best option at least the best option I can see for this family member. So I now support the use of medical marijuana.

However, I don’t just support the use of medical marijuana. I now support the legalization and control of all recreational substances that are currently deemed illegal. Or at least s system more like Portugal’s.

Despite the fact that the United States has some of the strongest laws against recreational drugs, we still managed to become the drug capital of the world. It’s obviously its not working. Cracking down just is not doing anything. But putting a strain on our economy. Our prison systems are overcrowded with people we deemed as criminals for using these recreational drugs. This cost America a lot of money to put them there and keep them there. Not to mention the money that is lost in neighborhoods where drugs are a form of currency for gangs. Gangs that attract young children and teens with promises of great money and even power to dealing and trafficking of these drugs.

By legalizing and controlling the drugs, our prison systems would no longer be overcrowded freeing up a lot of money. A lot of these people would be able to actually have jobs and become productive members of society. Because now there’s no longer a stigma against them. Our homes are property would now be safer as the people who are addicted no longer will you need to break into people’s houses to get money for high-priced addictions… Aple’s houses to get money for high-priced addictions… Addictions that are high-priced because they are on the black market.

Gangs would lose their power and recruiting tools. Sure, there still would be gangs but they would lose much of their power and recruiting tools because they can no longer control the drugs and trafficking of those drugs in and out of their neighborhoods. Many may even lead to gangs. And with less security needed to protect people’s homes and to chase after gang members and drug traffickers. The local and federal governments would be able to better use their manpower for other more useful things, like homeland security. And seeing that many terrorist groups are financed through the illegal drug trade. We would be seriously affecting the terrorists finances. Not to mention if we find we don’t need so much manpower now that we’re safer, we then can use that money to better our own economy in other ways. You know, like our health care issues that we have… Perhaps helping provide life-saving transplants for people in Arizona.

By legalizing drugs. We may even stop a lot of the bloodshed and carnage that is taking place in Mexico and that is slowly working its way across the border into the US. It may even help Mexico in many other ways as well. Chances are the druglords would lose a huge amount of their power as they would no longer be receiving funding to illegal trafficking. And if Mexico follows our example, which most likely will happen if we did. Then Mexico may eliminate the problem, which is affecting them. Now. They would probably free up a lot more money as well. Being able to better their own economy, which in turn may actually help with our illegal immigration problem as well.

I think only good can come out of this and I believe that the United States, simply cannot afford to fight this drug and continue to fall part it seems. So my position has changed. And except that I was wrong with my original stance. However, personally, I still have no interest in using drugs myself. And I have no need for medical marijuana even though I support now.

Vote No on Prop. 100, the one-cent sales tax increase

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Thursday, Arizonans can start voting by early ballot on Prop. 100, the temporary one-cent sales tax increase dedicated to education, public safety and social services.

They would be wise to reject it. Passing the sales tax doesn’t solve a problem; it just makes an awful one less bad.

This regressive tax disproportionately burdens the poor and punishes consumers for the Legislature’s failure to properly govern this state.

We need to get state government off its over-reliance on sales taxes, which is what got us into this mess in the first place. Increasing the sales tax is like giving a heroin addict more heroin because a lack of it made him feel bad. The goal should be to cure the addiction, not enable it.

The tax is expected to bring in between $850 million and $1 billion a year for three years. The governor and Republican legislative leaders have threatened that if the tax is rejected, they will be forced to cut the budget by a similar amount, adding to the more than $2 billion in cuts already made. Those cuts have resulted in hundreds of thousands of poor people losing state health insurance, thousands of laid off teachers, closure of state parks and highway rest areas and numerous other austerity measures.

Because of those threats, arguments to vote for this bill can be compelling, inducing voters shell-shocked by the Legislature’s gross negligence to take matters into their own hands. Democracy in action, perhaps. But voting with a gun to your head – pass the tax or suffer the consequences of more brutal spending cuts, most of which will occur to public education – is hardly democracy.

Yet nearly every reason to vote for the tax is mitigated, outweighed or made moot by the bad it does, by forces out of the electorate’s and Legislature’s control and the Legislature’s continued misgovernance.

We’d be better off voting against it and forcing the governor and Legislature to find a better way.

Among the arguments to vote for the tax are:

• It’s a sales tax. Arizona has millions of visitors each year. The taxes they pay on their purchases will help fund state programs, most of which visitors won’t use.

• It’s truly temporary. It sunsets in 2013 and because it amends the state constitution, it can only be renewed by another public vote.

• Two-thirds of it is dedicated to public education, preventing thousands more teacher layoffs and classrooms crammed with kids.

• It will prevent the state from making good its threat to transfer millions of dollars in health care and public safety costs to the counties, most notably juvenile detention.

• It potentially buys the state time so that the state economy can recover and the state’s other tax revenues can return to the same or nearly the same revenue levels as before the recession, easing the pressure on the budget.

• It preserves billions of dollars in federal matching funds for education and health programs.

• It’s protected spending, the Legislature can’t sweep it to balance the budget or pay for other programs.

• It might finally convince the state’s anti-tax zealots that the public is willing to tax itself to preserve government programs. Of course, the converse is true, that rejecting it will convince the de facto anarchists that the public is unwilling to tax itself and therefore their awful behavior has been correct.

But the list of arguments against the tax is longer and perhaps equally as compelling. Among them are:

• It’s regressive. The poor will pay a much larger percentage of their incomes (most of which is spent on life essentials) than the affluent.

• It’s a sales tax. We need more money to fund state services but this tax is the wrong way to do it. Sales taxes, as we’ve so horribly seen, are at the mercy of the ebb and flow of the economy. Without other taxes to rely on to fund state government, any recession sends the state into a budget tailspin. This tax only makes that worse.

• There are better ways to solve the problem including an across the board increase in income taxes, increasing the state equalization property tax and eliminating the numerous goods and services exempted from the sales tax. Rejecting the one-cent sales tax increase would put these options back on the table. The threatened cuts to education and public safety are just threats, they don’t have to happen if the tax increase is rejected.

• It penalizes consumers for the Legislature’s failure, making most retail goods and services more expensive. In some cities the total state and local sales tax will be more than 10 percent. While there is not a lot of reliable scholarship connecting taxation to economic activity, an argument can be made that the tax will curtail some consumer spending, thereby diminishing the tax’s expected collection and its intended benefit.

• It sunsets. If the Arizona economy doesn’t recover fully in three years, which most economists predict, we’ll be right back in the soup on May 31, 2013. The Legislature will either have to refer another ballot measure, raise taxes or cut another $1 billion out of the budget. Crossed fingers is poor fiscal policy.

• It could be moot. The Legislature is strongly considering huge tax cuts thereby possibly tossing out the back door most of the money this tax would bring in the front door. Since the sales tax increase is earmarked, if overall economic activity and incomes don’t increase, more program cuts may be necessary to offset the loss of income from the tax cuts.

• It could be moot, part 2. Voters have to keep voting Yes this year to make this work. Two ballot measures in November will allow the state to sweep about $450 million from First Things First, an early childhood preventative health program, and from the Land Conservation Fund. If voters reject the sweeps, some of the cuts the new sales tax is supposed to prevent could be made anyway. Plus, the Legislature is likely to put a measure on the ballot (as of Friday, it still needed to pass the Senate) asking voters to repeal the Voter Protection Act, which protects about $5 billion in voter-mandated state spending. Without relief from the Act, the budget will remain an unwieldy, unrectifiable monster. But there’s a question about whether there will be the same effort to get voters to pass these measures as there has been for Prop. 100. In fact, there may be considerable Vote No campaigns on all three, most likely by some of the same groups stumping for Prop. 100, ironically.

• It doesn’t solve the problem. Arizona needs $3 billion more in tax revenue, not $1 billion. This is like being in a 30-foot hole and someone throws in 10 feet of dirt. Reject the tax and force the Legislature to solve the budget’s structural deficit properly.

Finally, and perhaps the best reason to reject it, passing it could take the steam out of the government reform efforts headed by Sandra Day O’Connor and Lattie Coor.

If the tax passes it will give Gov. Jan Brewer and the Legislature a sense of accomplishment and obfuscate arguments that state government desperately needs reform.

Arizona is a house on fire. Passing this tax only puts out the fire in the garage.

Let it burn.

Arizona’s current crop of Republican leaders have long advocated for limited government. Let’s give it to them. Let’s have classrooms crammed with 40 and 50 kids;  school districts eliminating football and other sports to try to keep as many teachers employed as possible; counties jacking property taxes sky high to pay for state prisoners and indigent health care;  lines at the DMV stretching out the door and down the street; the serioulsy mentally ill wandering the streets untreated and unmedicated; the elderly in nursing homes dying of bedsores because there weren’t enough inspectors to ensure minimum levels of care; cases of child abuse and neglect going uninvestigated because there aren’t enough CPS caseworkers; and businesses fleeing the state to find better schools and better living standards for their workers.

It will either be a limited government conservative nirvana or it will finally be the motivator to get the 60 and 70 percent of voters who don’t vote in state and local elections up off their butts and taking an interest in their own governance.

Then maybe we’ll be able to elect a new batch of state leaders who understand the critical role government plays in creating a great state. We’ve seen what the extreme sides of the political spectrum can’t do. Let’s find out what the reasonable people in the middle can.

While it might seem counter intuitive and against their own best interest, the best thing voters can do May 18 is make things worse so that we can finally muster the anger and the will needed to make things better.

Vote no on Prop. 100.