Epic SJW gender bull.

There was a time people were offended when some woman breastfed in the sight of others. Some people thought it was sick and disgusting, but others for some reason thought it was a sexual act. And of course both women and men had to point out that it was natural and necessary for the child

Now here comes the social justice warriors (SJW) on their Crusade to tell people how to live and think. Not to mention just plain old reveal their stupidity to the world and remind the rest of us why exactly we don’t like SJW’s again.
Jessica Martucci had released this study in Pediatrics, saying that it is “ethically inappropriate”  as it is reinforces gender roles. Thus they do not want medical organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics to call breastfeeding natural.
When I first heard about this I thought it had to be satire. Boy was I wrong, this was actually was real and it was meant to be to be taken serious.
With that said, there just so many things to say about this. The first thing I must do is ask why? It’s like this women was looking for a issue to complain about because all the SJW bull had been debunked like the rape culture, gender pay gap, etc… So she decided to invent a new issue. A issue nobody was ever even complaining about, but now I suspect I we will ad nauseam.
Next, I do find it odd, because what’s the one thing we hear from SJW trying to normalize a mental illness? That gender is different from sex. Now here this SJW destroying that. Showing that previous arguments where the bull we thought it was.

I also must ask, if we we can’t call something that is natural, natural. Then what are we to call it?

Seriously,  Martucci wants us to ignore reality, as to not offend someone believes there’s something that they are not. Appeasing their mental illness. What’s next? not installing the toilet in new homes because it might offend somebody who believes they are a cat?


A Feminist Book Burning.

In Canada a man who was harassed and stocked by two feminists, feminist who tried to set him up as a pedophile was charged with harassment. Yeah you heard right. The victim was charged with harassment. And what made what he did harassment was disagreeing with the feminist.

So at the present time in Canada it is now considered harassment to disagree with a feminist. No matter how wrong the feminist was. Now he can serve up to 6 months in jail for the crime of disagreeing with them. However, the worst part is not so much that one man can go to jail for this. Which is a tragedy in of it self. The worst part is how this affects freedom of speech.

The female feminist, who had been looking for and trying to destroy this mans life, have found a way to legally silence their critics. While simultaneously finding a way to keep men as s second-class citizens. Anyone who chooses to speak out ageist feminist and their propaganda, Be they someone who simply disagrees, or a person who is fighting for men’s equal rights can now find themselves behind prison.

All for the crime of disagreeing with feminist.

This is nothing more than censorship at its best. A book burning if you will. They don’t want you to know they are full of it. They don’t even want to know they are. So they are trying to censor anyone who is not of one mind with them.

If you ever ask why I am not a feminist. Well, here is reason number 2,421.