How I’m saving money on groceries

Since I moved into my new home, I had to change how I spend my money. Especially, seeing the act of buying the house took its toll on our pocketbook. From Closing cost, connection fees and deposits on top of our normal every day spending. So, to save money we started to make some changes. One such area is on our groceries.

Groceries is an area where we actually spend a lot of money and the coast of goes up every year, while like most people my pay does not. Now I would love to grow my own food and be off the food grid as much as possible. However, we just moved in and this will take time and money to start getting enough fruits and vegetables to feed us inorder to make a financial impact.

Not to mention, its 114° (Fahrenheit) out right now and is expected to get to 121° by this Tuesday. So, planting anything and expecting it to survive when its young and week, is not wize.

Though I do have three little seedlings growing in pots in the house (tomato, okra, cucumber and it looks like a jalapeno plant is poking through the soil and may make it), it’s just not enough to to feed one person. So, I needed to come up with better ways not spend a lot of money

Anyway –  One way I am saving money is something my aunt Deb suggested. A program that saves produce from landfills and I am not talking about spoiled goods. You see, produce is often rejected for a variety of reasons. Such as it too small, or to big, or has a blemish on it. What this means is that, instead of stores selling perfectly edible and healthy foods, they just take it straight to the landfill. Wasting millions of pounds of food every year.

So, I had gone out to check out this program in my state that saves this food from the the landfills, selling 60 lb of produce for just $10. Now, it not like shopping however, you get whatever they have that week. In my case it was lots of Roma tomatoes yellow squash mini sweet peppers and jalapenos.

Now there is no way I can eat it all before it spoils, and there are only so many dishes I can make with the produce I got this week before I get sick of eating the same ingredients over and over.

So, I have been flash freezing and dehydrating what I got for 10 dollars and it’s a lot. So every time I go I should get different things, things that are in season. And I can do the same it won’t be long before I will always have what I need, Frozen or dehydrated. Thus I will only be spending about $20.00 a month on produce and only need to buy any meat I might need or want.

After the first few months I will probably save $200.00 to $300.00, more once my own garden gets up and running.