The move is over. Time to unpack.

Well, we have finally finished moving in to our new home and have lots of unpacking to do. I managed to pull a muscle in my left arm getting some last few items from home. Funny part was is I did not do it with any thing heavy.

Luz on the other hand is having fun being creative as she unpacks and decorates. She got a eye for interior decoration so she in charge in that area.  She even desided to get a little creative with the dinner that I was making an added a few of her own ingredients while I wasn’t looking. I think it’ll actually turned out great.
Elijah, well he been a wee bit of a knucklehead, making things harder for everyone. He wanted to help and still does, but there not much he can do that wont end up making things harder on us. It’s hard to find ways to keep him out if they way while giving him something to do.

On a side note, our internet is not working. They said it was tuned on, but we are not getting a signal. So we must wait one more day for that to get taken care of.

Right now my body is sore, I hope is will be better tomorrow, as it’s the first day back to work. Only good news is I am in charge of stats on the east side tomorrow and stats usually go pretty easy and not that physical most of the time.