Elijah may have a case of Melanoheliophobia?

Elijah for the past few months has expressed a bit if and irrational fear of black holes. Also known as Melanoheliophobia. I am not sure even where he learned about black holes. Maybe something scientific on PBS or a cartoon made reference to them. But since then he expressed a fear of being sucked into one.

He seems to think about it a lot and at the most random times. Like on Christmas night we had done to go watch a movie he was getting into. Then, out of nowhere, the movie was playing he just said just asked if the earth could get sucked into one, then had gone into fear mode explaining how he does not want treading inside.

Sometimes he will bring it up many times a day, spending a lot of time thinking about it. So, I am really not sure how to deal with this. Part of me wants to think he will grow out of it. But if he does not and I don’t address it now, it could become a bigger problem that would be harder to deal with.

Right now I am thinking of watching something about black holes with him. Maybe if he learns more them, he won’t fear them. Then again, this could be a bad Idea and only to reinforce his fears.

I want him to enjoy science, but I don’t want him to get be scared of what science has discovered.

Another year another great Christmas.

When I was a kid, I loved getting gifts. Now I am all about giving them and seen the joy and excitement on everyone’s face when they open up their gifts, especially Elijah. As I’m not to old to have forgotten what it was like to get gifts I seen all the wonderful surprises after days of anticipation. Only now to be on the other side and see what it was like see that great joy and smile I put on mY son’s face.

This year I decided to go with a scientific theme for my son since he started showing an interest. And he now has set up his own little lab.

We even done a very basic experiment and probably sometime later we will be using it to make worms. And maybe hot ice. Elijah words was, “Best Christmas ever!”

For Luz I got her a 55″ TV and a relaxing light that has music and thunderstorm sounds, that has surprisingly good speaker.

Ezra, well…. Well he just wanted to play with the rapping paper.

The boys

I am enjoying and amazed at just how big Ezra has grown in such a short time. Not to mention just how much my boy has been eating. He has definitely not allowed us to get a full night’s sleep as a result, always wanting to eat. This is much different than it was with Elijah, who was the opposite in many ways. At least that’s how I remember.

He had slept a lot more, which means we did as well. He didn’t eat a lot unlike Ezra who, again is basically one giant eating machine.

Elijah giving Ezra a bath

One thing that has surprise me is how Elijah has not been been jealous of brother or attention we’ve been giving him. If anything, Elijah has been looking for anyway he can to help. He been throwing the soiled diapers in the bin, and even recently just helped me give him a bath.

There really has not been any noticeable changes to my family or personal life. Though, Luz is more relax with Ezra then she was with Elijah. With Elijah, it seemed like every time he coughed she was saying, “Babe, we need to take him to the emergency room. I think he sick.” It drove me crazy. However, This time around she more relaxed. I would say that she is more relaxed then I am.

At this point, because Ezra is still so young and only eats, sleeps and cries, there is not much to talk about. However, I am sure that as time goes on, there ia going to be a lot more talk about. Not to mention, I can’t wait to see Ezras personality emerge and how it will differ from his older brothers personality.

The Kids Room.

Elijah and the baby’s room is pretty much ready and decorated just how Luz wants it. She’s has a few blankets and kids clothes that she’s is going through in a tote and a few things she placed in the new crib that was given to us as a gift from her boss.

I got the new portable air conditioner, a 6,000 BTU chigo for $160 brand new (they’re usually about $250). And it is now Installed in their room. It’s really nice and it does does a great job in keeping the room cool. It was the hottest room in the house because the sun hits it just right heating it up and we had a choice. Make the whole house freezing cold to cool off that one room, or let that room be hot and keep the temperature just right throughout the house. So the problem has been solved.

Although, Elijah actually likes the room warmer than the rest of us are comfortable with.

How Cute. Elijah’s First Bad Word.

Ok I don’t really believe it is sweet, and I was being a bit sarcastic with the title. However, Elijah has said his first bad word. And that magical word was none other then the F-Bomb.

I wish I could say he learned it from some stranger, or at preschool. However, I would be lying. He learned it from me. The Male role model in his life. At least, I am supposed to be his role model, but I failed.

He had overheard me say this word while I had been on the phone. I had been was upset about something one of our officers had done. Now I can’t be upset with him. It was 100% my fault. I said the word and he repeated a word, he knows nothing about. A word that even I should not be saying. Originally, I told him not to say it again and hopped he would forget it. Of course, he did not. He a little sponge, soaking up every little thing.

So, while Elijah, Luz had been sitting down watching a movie in the living room. Elijah said, out of the blue, “what the %$^. And immediately Luz turned gave me a look and said, “See!” I was busted. Since then he has said it a few more times, and we are stuck trying to get Elijah to understand why he should not be saying such a thing.

This also reflects badly on me. I am the head of the family. A Christian family, and I am to be the model for what my son is to grow up to be like. God had given me this responsibility, and I failed. However, I have also learned from this. I have learned that just saying a word one time, and that word can stick with my son his entire life because of me. And I cannot fail again.