How I’m saving money on groceries

Since I moved into my new home, I had to change how I spend my money. Especially, seeing the act of buying the house took its toll on our pocketbook. From Closing cost, connection fees and deposits on top of our normal every day spending. So, to save money we started to make some changes. One such area is on our groceries.

Groceries is an area where we actually spend a lot of money and the coast of goes up every year, while like most people my pay does not. Now I would love to grow my own food and be off the food grid as much as possible. However, we just moved in and this will take time and money to start getting enough fruits and vegetables to feed us inorder to make a financial impact.

Not to mention, its 114° (Fahrenheit) out right now and is expected to get to 121° by this Tuesday. So, planting anything and expecting it to survive when its young and week, is not wize.

Though I do have three little seedlings growing in pots in the house (tomato, okra, cucumber and it looks like a jalapeno plant is poking through the soil and may make it), it’s just not enough to to feed one person. So, I needed to come up with better ways not spend a lot of money

Anyway –  One way I am saving money is something my aunt Deb suggested. A program that saves produce from landfills and I am not talking about spoiled goods. You see, produce is often rejected for a variety of reasons. Such as it too small, or to big, or has a blemish on it. What this means is that, instead of stores selling perfectly edible and healthy foods, they just take it straight to the landfill. Wasting millions of pounds of food every year.

So, I had gone out to check out this program in my state that saves this food from the the landfills, selling 60 lb of produce for just $10. Now, it not like shopping however, you get whatever they have that week. In my case it was lots of Roma tomatoes yellow squash mini sweet peppers and jalapenos.

Now there is no way I can eat it all before it spoils, and there are only so many dishes I can make with the produce I got this week before I get sick of eating the same ingredients over and over.

So, I have been flash freezing and dehydrating what I got for 10 dollars and it’s a lot. So every time I go I should get different things, things that are in season. And I can do the same it won’t be long before I will always have what I need, Frozen or dehydrated. Thus I will only be spending about $20.00 a month on produce and only need to buy any meat I might need or want.

After the first few months I will probably save $200.00 to $300.00, more once my own garden gets up and running.


I thought I would take the time to post my top 3 favorite YouTube channels that I recommend. As well, give a little bit of information as to why I’m recommending them.

Truth or tradition: This YouTube channel is notbjust one of my favorite Christian channels. It is one of my top 3 over all channel’s I watch. They take a very humbled approach to how they do their videos and the message that they conveyed. As well they’re doing a great job glorifying God with their videos. It’s great for atheist and theist alike.

Sargon of akkad: Sargon, although an atheist really doesn’t attack religion just behaviors and actions. He’s been fighting for people’s rights particular out right to free speech as well as fighting against stupidity, particularly that which emanates from social justice Warriors and feminist. 

Noel Plum: People often say, “before you criticize somebody try and live in their shoes for a day.” That’s what I like about Noel Plum. He is the kind of person who tries to understand other people’s points of view even if he disagrees with them and tries to relay other people’s point of view fairly to others  While at the same time putting forth his own opinion in the fairest possible way. He’s highly articulate, inventive in the examples uses and dare I say, he’s even philosophical in a way.

Epic SJW gender bull.

There was a time people were offended when some woman breastfed in the sight of others. Some people thought it was sick and disgusting, but others for some reason thought it was a sexual act. And of course both women and men had to point out that it was natural and necessary for the child

Now here comes the social justice warriors (SJW) on their Crusade to tell people how to live and think. Not to mention just plain old reveal their stupidity to the world and remind the rest of us why exactly we don’t like SJW’s again.
Jessica Martucci had released this study in Pediatrics, saying that it is “ethically inappropriate”  as it is reinforces gender roles. Thus they do not want medical organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics to call breastfeeding natural.
When I first heard about this I thought it had to be satire. Boy was I wrong, this was actually was real and it was meant to be to be taken serious.
With that said, there just so many things to say about this. The first thing I must do is ask why? It’s like this women was looking for a issue to complain about because all the SJW bull had been debunked like the rape culture, gender pay gap, etc… So she decided to invent a new issue. A issue nobody was ever even complaining about, but now I suspect I we will ad nauseam.
Next, I do find it odd, because what’s the one thing we hear from SJW trying to normalize a mental illness? That gender is different from sex. Now here this SJW destroying that. Showing that previous arguments where the bull we thought it was.

I also must ask, if we we can’t call something that is natural, natural. Then what are we to call it?

Seriously,  Martucci wants us to ignore reality, as to not offend someone believes there’s something that they are not. Appeasing their mental illness. What’s next? not installing the toilet in new homes because it might offend somebody who believes they are a cat?

The left is not liberal.

What I am about to say may seem kind of strange to some. Mainly because there was a time when the left and liberals were synonymous with each other. However, that is no longer the case. The left are no longer liberal if anything they have become the anti-liberal.

In a ironic twist, the right has begin to shift towards being liberal. Even the alt-right which is made up of some very racist people, have become more liberal then the left is today. Now I understand many people may be yelling at their monitors after reading, but let me make my case.
Most people don’t really know what a liberal is. When they hear the word, they tend to automatically think Democrat or the left.  It’s as if it’s just simply another label used for them and they would be wrong.
However, being a liberal simply means you believe people should be free and independent, or if you will a person believe in Live and Let Live. 
Doing a quick search online reveals the following definition for what a liberal is.




1. open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values. “they have more liberal views toward marriage and divorce than some people”

favorable to or respectful of individual rights and freedoms. “liberal citizenship laws”
“the values of a liberal society” (in a political context) favoring maximum individual liberty in political and social reform.

Now that you’ve read that, let me ask you something. When colleges and student groups go around trying to silence others from being heard, is that liberal or is it oppressive? 
These students and colleges that don’t want other opinions to be be heard are literally oppressing another person’s freedom to speak and be heard all because they disagree with it. They’re not open to new ideas, or opinions, they’re not being respectful to their rights and individual freedoms. Instead they’re trying to force their collectivist ideas onto others while being the only voice heard.
At the Berkeley protest, that resulted in violent outbreaks to stop and silence the Free Speech protesters. As well as the violence that broke out the silence Milo yiannopoulos. It wasn’t the left or the progressives talking about tolerance for new ideas and different opinions, it was people on the right who did. It was Trump supporters, even the racist/white supremacist we’re the ones talking about it. Talking about how they disagree with people, but respect their right to be heard. Why the left did everything they could to silence the other side.
Needless to say, I never thought I’d see the day when a white supremacist was on the right side of history for once.

Even when Christians, Christians that belive homosexuality is wrong (not all of us do), refuse to bake a cake they are attacked by the left and sued for not participating in doing what they feel is a morally wrong thing to do.  
Is the owner of the shop free to live their lives how they want, when they are forced to do something they don’t want to do? Is the homosexual couple displaying liberty? How about when religious companies that are forced to pay for healthcare that allows for abortion, effectively making them pay for other people to kill their own born child? Of course not.
A true liberal would let others to speak and not use violence to silence them. They would let the free-market take effect when it came to that baker. They would not force a company and its owners to pay for abortion or birth control. Nor would a liberal sue a company for not baking them a cake.
The pendulum has now shifted, it is the many who are on the right who are becoming liberal. More liberal then left has been in some time. Even hateful racist and homophobic groups now are the new liberals in a ironic twist of fate. As there was a time when the right and those groups on the right didn’t want other groups or individuals with dissenting opinions be heard.
Now with left and progressive behaving as typical fascist do. As they grow more and more intolerant of other who do not conform to their collective mentality and ideas, to the point of useing violence against anyone who is not in agreement with them. They’ve lost the title of liberal. As they cannot tolerate anybody who does not think as they do. 
It is definitely interesting to live in these times and watch as the pendulum swings. Remember there was a time when it was the right who helped free the slaves and fought for people’s individual freedoms and then the pendulum switch to the left.

Now it’s going back to the right. Where it is the people on the right fighting for are individual freedoms and not just gun rights, but also our freedom of speech 

Now I’m not saying the right is any better than the left but I am saying the right is now the liberal side.

The move is over. Time to unpack.

Well, we have finally finished moving in to our new home and have lots of unpacking to do. I managed to pull a muscle in my left arm getting some last few items from home. Funny part was is I did not do it with any thing heavy.

Luz on the other hand is having fun being creative as she unpacks and decorates. She got a eye for interior decoration so she in charge in that area.  She even desided to get a little creative with the dinner that I was making an added a few of her own ingredients while I wasn’t looking. I think it’ll actually turned out great.
Elijah, well he been a wee bit of a knucklehead, making things harder for everyone. He wanted to help and still does, but there not much he can do that wont end up making things harder on us. It’s hard to find ways to keep him out if they way while giving him something to do.

On a side note, our internet is not working. They said it was tuned on, but we are not getting a signal. So we must wait one more day for that to get taken care of.

Right now my body is sore, I hope is will be better tomorrow, as it’s the first day back to work. Only good news is I am in charge of stats on the east side tomorrow and stats usually go pretty easy and not that physical most of the time.

“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15).

Being fruitful and multiplying is not all that God wanted us men to do. God wanted us to actually get involved and raise our children and not just get the willy wet and leave. God tells us in Proverbs 22:6 to “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

It’s our duty to raise our children in a godly way. If we don’t and sit on our but all day, leaving them to raise them self and they go artsy. We can’t blame anyone, but our selves.

Yes, having children is a huge responsibility for us. However, just because they are a responsibility and take time out of our day, does not mean the are a hardship in are life. No, They are to be a privilege that we have been granted. Psalm 127:3-5 makes that clean, “Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!”

As fathers, we should be spending a great deal of our time teaching our kids about God and his teachings. Trying to find ways to inject God into any activity we are engaged in with our children. Doing some garden work, Talk about Genesis and the beauty of Gods creation. Building a shelf, tell them about how Jesus was a carpenter and why He chose to be a carpenter, where he worked with his hands.

Use your time with them to teach them about God. Sure, not everyone is a bible scholar, but it’s not hard to inject a lesson into it. If you know your going to do something with them tomorrow, then after you put them to sleep, use that time to do research on a lesson you can apply to what you will be doing the following day.

It’s France turn to elect their Trump.

C-LvYmPXgAA1bubWe are starting to see people stand up around the world and say, “enough is enough.” As their leaders, in what can be be described as attempting to deliberately cause the erosion of their own countries.

The United Kingdom had brexit, The United states elected Trump and now France could elect their Trump, La Pen. Who actually wants to try and save her county from the influx of immigration that has led to a huge uptick in terrorist attacks there, and the destruction of their own culture. While Macron, who her competitor in this election. His solution to this is to do nothing and to tell people to just get use to it as they are now part of their life.

C-L-yzcXkAEP8W-.pngOf course its easy for Macron, an old style aristocrat to do nothing, with him living away from the mess, living a highly lavish lifestyle in his expensive home. Because he does not need to experience what other who are not so lucky must deal with due to his decision-making.

Ignoring the corrupt media, which is trying to control who people vote for. I think there is a good chance La Pen could actually win. If she does, it would be interesting to see.

I should note here, that for all the complaining the US is doing about Russia’s influence in our election. The U.S. Does not seem to have any issues with trying to influence the election in France. But mark my words, if La Pen wins, The US will blame it on Russia.