David Hogg, swatted

It’s no secret that I not only disagree with David Hogg, but I think he’s a horrible human being. However somebody decided to take it upon themselves to call the police and put in a false report that had SWAT teams rushing into David’s house. And I am adamantly against this.

No doubt the person who call the police thought they were being funny. However, swatting is not funny. It’s dangerous and puts people’s lives at risk. We already have a case where somebody had died due to this hoax.

I have no doubt the police are actually going to find this person who initiated this prank. For one, David Hogg’s is not poor and he is famous enough, with a family well positioned, in positions of power. The police will use resources to actually catch this person. Not to mention, because somebody has already died because of this hoax, they going to make an example out of this person.

And if it turns out to be a pro-gun person, which chances are it is. This is only going to make it harder for those of us fighting in support our right to bear arms. Because now David Hogg and the gun grabbers will be able to use that as an appeal to people’s emotion instead of facts.


Ruling on Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission

Well, it took many years, but the Supreme Court has ruled on the Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission case. Though they didn’t exactly rule in such a way that either side won.

Well not exactly anyways, the ruling was simply that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission case was more like a dismissal that favored the baker. And from what I can find, it was because of the comments of a judge in one of the lower courts in Colorado. However this ruling was enough which allowed the baker to win the case and be free from baking the cake.

Personally, I adamantly disagree at the idea Bible says anything negative against a loving relationship (marriage) between two consenting adults. It clearly does not and requires a huge amount of manipulation of what the Bible actually does say to get it to be against gays. However, I do think that the Supreme Court should have given us a more clear verdict. Where it makes it clear, that you cannot force a religious person to act against their religious beliefs.

This whole case was nothing more than a joke in my opinion. The gay couple simply could have just gone to another Bakery and have the cake made by a baker who is willing to take money. This is part of how capitalism works. Not to mention, this was not exactly a small town with only one Baker.

Also, the thing that people fail to understand in this case, is that this business was a private business, not a corporation. This means they actually do not serve the public, they serve those they choose. Those in their private transaction, that’s it. I would think the word private, private business would make this pretty clear. So they are not required to serve everyone, violating the religious rights and right to free expression.

This is why we cannot go into Jewish kosher deli and order bacon. Or demand a Islamic halal meat shop do the same. You cannot force the owners of a private shop to violate their religion because someone demands they do. Private entities are not slaves, and thus have the right to refuse service and lose out on money in the process.

However despite him not being a slave, that is exactly how the Colorado Civil Rights Commission was treating him. Ruling that the was no longer allowed to make any wedding cakes, while forcing Jack, the bakery owner, to provide for his employees, gay-friendly reeducation.

He was literally being forced by the Civil Rights Commission, due to two LGBQ+SubtractThe5 bullies, to violate his religious beliefs. He was the one ultimately being discriminated in this case. A religious man who had been equally baking cakes for gay people just like he did straight people. Birthday cakes, rainbow cakes (Yes Christians like rainbows, so he’s making the same kind of cake for gays) etc… However, he just refuse to make a particular cake that was not on his list of cakes that he makes due to his religious beliefs.

This man is being forced to say something that he doesn’t want to say in the form of his artistic expression (cakes). This is wrong, unethical, unjust and unconstitutional.

Seeking to Destroy Others. Enough is Enough.

Why is it those with different political views are looking to destroy people’s lives, just to score political points?

Roseanne was cancelled recently after she said posted tweet. Although it was bad, it was not really as horrible as people are making it out to be. Something I blogged about a few days ago. Now the right is going after Samantha Bee for saying something stupid as well, wanting her to be cancelled. As well, to make a point about the left’s hypocrisy.

Both sides are willing to destroy the lives of individuals, who just simply said something really stupid. All to score political points for their own side. And it’s not just something that affect the individual who says something stupid. It also affects those who work alongside them. From their fellow actors and actresses, to the cameraman and janitors, who find themselves losing their job and struggling to feed their families when the show is shut down and their services are no longer needed.

Why are people looking to destroy others lives just to get one up on the other? I’m doubtful there are many people who have not said anything in their past that they regret. And I doubt they won’t ever do it again. I’m guilty of it and I probably will do it again in the future. As humans, we say and do stupid things from time to time, things that we regret saying. We shouldn’t have our jobs threatened and lose our ability to support our families, due to that rare occasions mess up.

Yet, all these people are jumping over each other just the score political points for their own side. Sacrificing other people to do so. What has our society become? How is anyone okay with this?

Enough is enough…..

Let Our Works Speak To The Unbelievers

As a Christian, I know what it is like to be attack by non believes. I had some very hateful things said about me and what I believe. I have even had people attack my family for simply being a Christian and not necessarily anything I specifically believe. It does come with the territory.

However, it would seem that many who are calling themselves a Christian, feel that it is perfectly acceptable to behave just as the non believers who are attacking them do. Saying hateful in Vile thing in return. Some may even say it to a non-believer who is behaving civilized with them, because of what others have done to them previously.

This is not how Christians are to act. We are to “Abstain from all appearance of evil.” (1 Thessalonians 5:22) and we are not doing that when we are calling people names, launching personal attacks, being prideful, arrogant or putting others down.

One of the greatest Commandments we have is to love our neighbor. And really, how can we say we love our neighbor when are treating the non-believer so horribly? When our actions make it look like we hate them?

Sure, the non-believer may be hateful and vile towards us in his or her attempt to destroy us. However, the Bible does not tell is to follow all the rules, except when attacked by a atheist or muslim who is trying to hurt our feelings. We are to always be humble, patience, meekness, not prideful, be gentle with perfect courtesy toward all people. Because, we are to , “Keep your conduct among the Gentiles honorable, so that when they speak against us as evildoers, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day of visitation.” (1 Peter 2:12)

We are to use their attempts to destroy us, to being them to the Lord. Just as David did when his enemies had been spreading lies,and being deceitful. In the end, we need to trust God, “When you’re under attack, take refuge in the Lord as your righteous defender.” (Psalm 5:1-7)

Sadly, when many Christians are confronted on their unchristian like behavior/actions. I have found that very few change what they are doing. Either giving excuses as to why they can do what they are doing, ignoring the Bible. Or they claim I am not a Christian, because to them, a Christian does not call out other Christians for what they are doing. Therefore, because they deem me as not a christian, they feel that it gives them an excuse to continue with the unchristian-like behavior. No I’m completely unaware of any Scripture that says that, even if somebody is not Christian they can not point out unchristian-like behaviors and actions.

In many ways, I understand such people. When I was a new Christian, I had a hard time with this. I would fight back giving just as much if not more then what I was given. I said some horrible things to people as a reaction to what they are sub to me. I had a hard time being kind to those who are not doing so with me. It’s just taking me a long time to get where I am today. Even after all these years, I still find that I must pull myself aside and remind myself of how I should interact with others, others who I’m not exactly the nicest people towards me.

We must remember that our works are an indication of our faith. If we don’t act like we believe what we profess to believe, then why would a non-believer even take a serious? Why would they even consider what we have to say?

We must also ask ourselves, our we bringing glory to God with the things we say and do? Is our behaviors and actions resulting in a seed being planted? Or is wedge being driven in? Which do you think is more productive?

Roseanne cancelled again

I have always enjoy the show Roseanne. Even after it was cancelled originally, I’d always find myself channel surfing and stopping to watch an old rerun. Of course, I was ecstatic when I heard it was coming back. I wasn’t sure how they would do it, or what direction the show was going to take.

Originally, I heard there was going to be a little boy that would wear girls clothing and a black girl, I was thinking great this is going to be a highly regressive, social justice warrior version of the show. After all Roseanne was always a very liberal actress, it was already quite a liberal show back on the day and a head of its time with the issues of the day.

Needless to say I was highly surprised the social justice Warriors and the regressive left wanted to show cancelled before it even started. Apparently, they just simply didn’t like the idea that there would be conservatives (Roseanne and Dan) portrayed in a positive light. Seems you’re only allowed to have conservatives on your show if they are the butt of a joke.

However, unlike them I was willing to give the shell shot despite the SJW direction it looked like it was taking. And so, I watched it and I was pleasantly surprised with it. One of the things that I like the most was that, despite how all the family members were so vastly different in their political views, views on how to deal with different situations even. They did not let their views drive a wedge between each other while finding a way to work through their problems together. Taking care of each other.

That’s one hell of a message. A message of Hope, a message that apparently SJW and the regressive left did not like, demanding it be cancelled before it actually was canceled, yet again.

I’m actually surprised by their reaction to this show. Because if anything, this would be a great way for SJW’s to help turn some of the more racist and hateful people on the conservative side to become more tolerant of other people, ideas and races. Maybe even turning a racist or a islamophobe into a non-racist, tolerant person.

However, it would seem that the SJW’s are so intolerant themselves, to the point that you just simply can’t have such a show even if it could have positive effects.

Now with that being said, Roseanne was ultimately canceled after the liberal actress Roseanne made a tweet that has been interpreted as racist. No I’m not saying what she said was not racist. I’d say that’s most likely an accurate argument for her insult. I would argue however, that out of all the horrible things I’ve heard people say, what she said was pretty mild. Especially in comparison to the things that are said against Christians and white male. What you said is more akin to what you might expect a second grader to say on the playground.

I also don’t think using a racist insult means that the person who used it, is automatically racist. If anything, the person who thinks that way is probably doing so, due to their own racism and it’s a projection of themselves. Because they think that something they would do review their own racism.

Now I’m not arguing she’s not racist or is one. I don’t even see a issue with people being upset with what she said. And now she is now suffering the consequences of what she said. Though I would say people’s reaction over such a comment are hugely overblown. I suspect most people over reaction to what she said are just a way for many to use her increase their status amongst their fellow SJW’s and regressive.

With that said, I’m not exactly happy with the reaction from ABC, canceling the show yet again for a very mild comment. Especially when the show was capable of doing so much good despite such a mild insult. Nor am I happy with other networks canceling even the old shows reruns, such as Laff and even Hulu.

I think the best reaction should have been to just let her take a hit on social media and continue with the show. If however the show took a hit ratings-wise, then sure at that point you cancel the show. Letting the customer speak. Chances are they wouldn’t lose very many viewers, if anything they probably see an increase.

Because most of the people who are complaining about such a mild comment are people who already wanted the show cancelled. People who aren’t even watching the show. So I think the best thing ABC should have done, was to let the show continue and possibly help change a lot of real racist mindset.

However, it would seem others who have the ability to make such decisions about the show disagree. Sadly all this cancellation has done was done was further divide the left and the right. While it may have actually helped push people on both sides more to the extreme side of the aisle they already sit on.

I know I haven’t been posting much lately and I said that I would post more, but I have been busy. Since I last posted my son had graduated kindergarten. He had a little ceremony it was wonderful.

When they had all the kids get their little diplomas on the stage, the teacher would read off what each kid wanted to be when they grow up. Most of the girls wanted to be ballerinas. One wanted to be an ice cream lady. The boys, will like typical boys, they wanted to be cops and army men. Well, all except for my son. Who just simply said he wanted to be just like me when he grew up.

Needless to say, that was so sweet and made me feel so happy.

I also had to use a jackhammer for the first time in my life, after the city threaten to give me a fine for a concert ramp that was used to access my driveway. I wasn’t exactly happy to get that notice. Especially since, I specifically choose not to move into a area without a HOA, so I didn’t have to deal with other people threatening to give me a fine for not having my house look a certain way. Instead, it would seem the city has become my HOA.


I also was a bit upset because technically, this ramp wasn’t even on my property, and was there before I moved in. According to my neighbor, who also received such a notice from the city, the ramp had been there before he moved in. That was over 10 years ago. So it seemed a bit unfair to me.

However, after weighing my options I chose not to fight the city in this battle. In the end, it would probably require lots of time and just simply cost me more to get a lawyer and fight them on the whole thing. When it would take me far less time and only $60 on a jackhammer. Besides, the little kid in me really wanted opportunity to play with a jackhammer. Something my wife probably wouldn’t let me do otherwise. So I had my excuse.


Also, we’re getting a lot closer to my wife’s due date and still, there is much to do. It seems like the closer we get to being done some new things pop up and we realized we’re not quite done. Almost seems like the second time around a little more difficult.

The Doctor tells us that the babies healthy and coming along on time, though he’s a little bigger than Elijah was at this stage. Which you’ll get no argument from me. Luz’s belly seems far bigger then it was when she was pregnant with Elijah.

So that’s all the big things that have happened since my last post.