The Kids Room.

Elijah and the baby’s room is pretty much ready and decorated just how Luz wants it. She’s has a few blankets and kids clothes that she’s is going through in a tote and a few things she placed in the new crib that was given to us as a gift from her boss.

I got the new portable air conditioner, a 6,000 BTU chigo for $160 brand new (they’re usually about $250). And it is now Installed in their room. It’s really nice and it does does a great job in keeping the room cool. It was the hottest room in the house because the sun hits it just right heating it up and we had a choice. Make the whole house freezing cold to cool off that one room, or let that room be hot and keep the temperature just right throughout the house. So the problem has been solved.

Although, Elijah actually likes the room warmer than the rest of us are comfortable with.

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