Top three favorite YouTube channels.

I thought I would take the time to post my top 3 favorite YouTube channels that I recommend. As well, give a little bit of information as to why I’m recommending them.

Truth or tradition: This YouTube channel is notbjust one of my favorite Christian channels. It is one of my top 3 over all channel’s I watch. They take a very humbled approach to how they do their videos and the message that they conveyed. As well they’re doing a great job glorifying God with their videos. It’s great for atheist and theist alike.

Sargon of akkad: Sargon, although an atheist really doesn’t attack religion just behaviors and actions. He’s been fighting for people’s rights particular out right to free speech as well as fighting against stupidity, particularly that which emanates from social justice Warriors and feminist. 

Noel Plum: People often say, “before you criticize somebody try and live in their shoes for a day.” That’s what I like about Noel Plum. He is the kind of person who tries to understand other people’s points of view even if he disagrees with them and tries to relay other people’s point of view fairly to others  While at the same time putting forth his own opinion in the fairest possible way. He’s highly articulate, inventive in the examples uses and dare I say, he’s even philosophical in a way.


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